Through Time & Back Again

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  1. rlcrabb says:

    In 1972, Doc Halstead, Charlie Williams and I left the safety and comfort of our little town on a journey into the unknown, our final destination being Atlanta, Georgia. After arriving we wrote this song, Running Backwards, about our trip across the nation. We recorded it with the help of Atlanta musicians at Chips Momen’s American Studios later that year.
    It wasn’t quite the sound we were looking for, but it was a beginning. Years later, we would finally find our voice, and the right people, but I will always cherish our first baby steps into the big world of rock’n’roll.

  2. steven frisch says:

    I love the line, “The radio will let you know you’re in another country. We stopped the car at every bar and to look at Muskogee. Merle was wrong, their hair is long, but still proud to be Oakie..”

    • rl crabb says:

      The trip was an eye opener for sure. The line about “red man’s land all boxes and cans” was about all the garbage along the road in New Mexico. Although we never saw it, we were told that occasionally inebriated Native Americans would pass out on the side of the road and freeze to death. The locals called them popsickles.
      The line “surrounding dry I wonder why Atlanta is an island” referred to the dry counties in Georgia. You had to drive quite a distance just to get a six pack of beer.

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