Veterans Day 2013

Veterans Day309

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6 Responses to Veterans Day 2013

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    THIS is what puts your blog way above the rest. No one else can do this.

    Fantastic. Thanks Bob.

  2. Barry Pruett says:

    Beautiful Bob. Have a wonderful Veterans Day.

  3. Michael R. Kesti says:


  4. Cathy Chmel says:

    Another great one, Bob. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Penelope Matson says:

    I copied this wonderful illustration (with appropriate citation) to send to my ex-husband (a Viet Nam vet) as a part of a thank-you to him. You do great honor to veterans and non-vets alike in making us all proud to be a part this day. Thank you.

  6. Dai Meagher, CPA says:

    Your poignant remembrance is much appreciated by all.

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