Water, Then And Now

My first comic strip, Junior Jackalope, was a regular feature in The Nevada City Independent in 1982. We not only had a comics page, it was a color comics page, something you didn’t see much in those days. The page was my baby, and I had to cut all the color separations by hand. It was a labor of love.

As you can see, some of the issues we were dealing with back then bear a striking resemblance to those in today’s headlines…

Junior Jackalope Indy785




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7 Responses to Water, Then And Now

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    I remember looking at the figures 30 years ago and marveling at the amount of county income derived from the sale of water. How to get it to where the owners want it will undoubtedly cost the taxpayers big bucks, (they bought it; why can’t they pay for their own frickin’ delivery system?), but next to none of the water held in Nev. Co. reservoirs belongs to the people who live there. Been that way for quite some time, despite the common perception.

  2. As a Westerner said many years ago: “In the rest of the country, you take water for granted. In the West, you take it from somebody else.”

  3. rlcrabb says:

    It should also be noted that Jerry Brown was governor when this strip appeared.

    • fish says:

      Two hundred years from now when your robot body and human head in a jar….ala Futurama pens another strip Jerry Brown will still be governor!

      He’s like cockroaches he is!

  4. fish says:

    Rail against….? He was governor in 76. He is governor now. He may very well be Robo Governor Brown in 2276.

  5. PeteK says:

    A case of History repeating itself?…keep digging through those old strips, they are getting a second life…waiting for suspenders to come back into style

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