Eggs-It, Stage Right

Our friends on the right have determined the only way to save the nation is to sacrifice the elderly to the Great God of Monitarism, and the sooner we do it, the sooner the stock market will bounce back from the abyss.

The philosophy of conservatism has always welcomed creative destruction. The law of the jungle requires the old and infirm to lag behind the herd to be devoured by the strong, thus maintaining the balance of nature.

How different they sound from the days when they howled about “death panels” and whined about that TV commercial where Paul Ryan pushes an old woman in a wheelchair off the cliff.

I have a feeling that when they talk about sacrifice, they aren’t talking about the upper crusted. Some of the elite will need to stick around to school the young and lead the nation until they have been sufficiently reeducated. Institutional knowledge and all.

So what do you say? Anybody up for an Easter egg hunt?

Let’s start on the White House lawn to set a good example.


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3 Responses to Eggs-It, Stage Right

  1. Michael R. Kesti says:

    This is an excellent example of a strawman arugument.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      The dictionary defines a strawman as a person regarded as having no substance or integrity. Can’t think of a more apropos description of the con man, himself.

      Speaking of which, he now claims that this makes him a ‘war time” President. So, let’s examine that declaration.

      Our Commander-in-Chief was warned two months ago that the enemy was coming and he called it a hoax. He fired all of our troops who were specially-trained to combat exactly this kind of foe. He then cut the funding for those who had the most experience in coming up with weapons to use against it, and refused to build the protective armament necessary for the front line troops. All this as every country this enemy had attacked so far had taken incredible losses of life and ruined their economies.
      And now, even as the enemy has invaded our country and is killing at will our civilian population, he plans on sending us back to work, regardless of the cost in lives, because he’s worried about our industrial production, as if there’s anyone left to buy our goods.
      So, if he is considered a ‘war time’ President, he is a piss-poor one and should never be put in charge of our nations defense again.

  2. RL CRABB says:

    Sarcasm is usually lost on the faithful.

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