Inept v. Insane: No Evil Here

If you can’t believe the testimony of his cabinet, his own words, and images of the Capitol mob from every conceivable angle, you are beyond ignorant. You’re living in a Fox News, Qanon, fantasy universe that would make Joe Goebbels smile in approval.

I have no love for the woke left, who tend to be their own worst enemy, but the current delusions infecting the Cult of Trump is beyond dangerous. If they control Congress after the election retribution will come swiftly, and it’s not too hard to imagine the other sideĀ  storming the ramparts.

2022 is just the warm up for 2024. As Bette Davis would say, “Hold on. It’s going to be a bumpy two years.”

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  1. rlcrabb says:

    Remember Jade Helm, the paranoid right wing conspiracy that that Barack Obama plotting to declare martial law and disarm American citizens?
    It was easily debunked, unlike the Trump coup attempt where the principle players actually came out and said what they were trying to do.
    Isn’t it amazing how at least half the GOP can swallow a half-baked Alex Jones wad of hysteria, but can’t believe facts that are right in front of their nose?

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