Moms For Bombs?

From George Rebane’s July 4 blog: “As long as we cannot identify a common ground on which to sort out our fundamental differences, those that take us to opposite forms of governance, we continue our debate in the darkening shadow of war.”

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2 Responses to Moms For Bombs?

  1. Given Dr. Rebane’s recent near-death experience, you would think he would lighten up a little bit. Apparently, he is prepared to fight to the bitter end.

    This approach has not worked well for several of his fellow travelers in recent years. At the rate they are dying off, Dr. R may run out of readers before he shuffles off this mortal coil.

    • RL CRABB says:

      They love to diss me over at Rebelations, but never bother to refute their openly stated goal of replacing the elected government by force if they can’t get the job done by voting.
      Now they are wishing you into the cemetery despite your recent efforts to lend credence to the Measure “V” debacle unfolding at the Rude Center. Ya just can’t win, George.

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