Who Will Blink First?

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3 Responses to Who Will Blink First?

  1. George Rebane says:

    Bob – I want to register my disappointment in The Union’s new policy of printing your fine full-color cartoons in washed out black and white. (Jo Ann will speak for herself.) Are we to read something more sinister into the new management’s policy of denigrating your wit and artwork? What say you?

  2. rlcrabb says:

    Apparently, putting the paper together in the new regime amounts to shuffling the deck and hoping for the best. It has something to do with the limitations of the press in Marysville.

  3. Michael Anderson says:

    This book should be required reading in all high school humanities or biology classes across the land: https://www.supersummary.com/the-meaning-of-human-existence/summary/

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