2021: A Base Auditty

So the Ninja Warriors sifted through the Arizona bamboo ballots for the umpteenth time and could only find more votes for Sloppy Joe. It still didn’t stop some of our local dimbulbs from trying to force an audit on the election department.

Stupid competes with stubbornness in today’s Trumpublican party. The base is unwilling and unable to admit defeat.

What irritates me most is they force me to vote for the party obsessed with sex, race and economic dependence. The party that sees crime as an inconvenience that can only be resolved through tolerance rather than punishment. The party that believes a 50.1 majority is a mandate to pass sweeping legislation, although it appears that two maverick senators have gummed up the works. ( But oh, how they loved the maverick senator when it was a Republican sticking it to his party.)

Progressives are sweating profusely on this one. Circumstances and policy fuck-ups have left the Democrats in a precarious position with the midterms coming on like a freight train. The tracks are rusted and ready to derail the the entire agenda for the last two years of Sloppy Joe’s administration.

Even worse, it looks like the creature, Trump, will be mounting a comeback in 2024. Despite his age, Joe will be encouraged to run for reelection, as it appears his heir apparent has little electoral appeal.

So much for a return to normalcy.

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4 Responses to 2021: A Base Auditty

  1. Michael Kesti says:

    I take exception to, “…they force me to vote for the party…” The only force exerted here is that which only you apply to yourself. I find the obsession with sex, race, and economic dependence to be far more disconcerting than forcing election recounts but I respect your right to decide your priorities.

    • rlcrabb says:

      I tend to vote Libertarian, but with The Donald spreading the Big Lie and sending his goon platoon to storm the Capitol I could only go with the lesser evil. And I can’t respect anyone who would support those delusions. I’d rather stay in the company of rational Republicans like Liz Cheney, the Bushes and George Will.

      • Michael Kesti says:

        Presidents’ powers are limited by Constitutional checks and balances and presidents and idiots rioting are fleetingly temporary but when economic dependence is legislated it is all but absolutely permanent. I respect those sufficiently pragmatic to take the longer view.

        • Chris Peterson says:

          You can stop with the feigned “grown-up in the room” illusion, because if sexual harassment, racial equality, and helping the millions suffering the downside of a bifurcated economy is not as important to you as proving that a con man was swindled out of the Presidency, then you’re argument is but an ugly, pedestrian fantasy.
          And throw in the fact that you view insurrection and outward threats to our democratic republic as anything but treason and you might as well throw off the mask of civility and admit that you’re a dyed-in-the-wool trumpster posing as a pseudo-intellectual.
          Unlike you, I won’t end with a BS statement about how I respect your opinion; I do not. Biden is a deeply flawed politician, but he signifies a return to normalcy and an electorate coming up for a breath of fresh air after the gasses from the putrid swamp of insane idolatry that had our nation reeling from a period of truly idiotic, minority-ruled monocracy.
          Enough of the pleasantries; I respect the opinions of true Republicans, but trumpsters can go straight to hell in their little clown car of fraudulent patriotism.

          As Thomas Paine pointed out so eloquently in Common Sense, if there were no people like Trump in the world, we wouldn’t need a government in the first place.

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