A Mask Is Not A Gag

“As you go about your business today, KNOW there is no law that orders you to Wear a Mask. Our Governor does not have that unilateral power to make such orders. While I know the HEADLINES over the last couple days have stated something different, that is because journalism is dead.”

Reinette Senum – Mayor of Nevada City 6/20/20

Whether or not Mayor Screwball is correct about Governor Wonderful’s authority, the idea behind the mandatory mask order was an attempt to protect the public, and to give businesses cover from lawsuits. We all want to keep California open, and given the recent spike in cases wearing a mask is much better than going back to another lock down. Wearing a mask on your face is the best way to cover your ass.

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  1. No surprise here. Ms. Space Cadet is an anti-vaxxer who thinks cell phone technology gives you brain cancer, and anybody who has followed her online know she embraces numerous half-assed conspiracy theories. She apparently believes in science as much as the current looney in the White House.

    She’s unfit to lead a parade, let alone a government.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Mr. G. Boardman,

    While I agree that anti-vaxxers are somewhat ignorant, to put it kindly, and while I’m not aware, but will take your word, that your current mayor has other “half-assed” theories, you’d be wise to do a bit more research on the issue of cell phone technology before publicly ridiculing the possible harm caused by it without knowing the science behind it, which is real and very concerning. And the new 5G network, which will be a step stronger in that direction, will need repeaters placed every 300 to 600 feet, effectively putting everyone, whether hooked in or not, in a mini microwave oven. There have even been studies that show just low levels of constant exposure to 5G RFR energy causing changes in DNA and the inability to reproduce. (Let that soak in for a moment.)

    But, since you’re obviously a skeptic, don’t take my word for it:


    And there’s plenty more studies where that came from. (Or, you can simply laugh at me until your nose bleeds.)

    • Cell phones have been around for 40 years, but the rate of brain cancer has been flat. Where is all of the disease this technology is supposed to be causing?

      • rlcrabb says:

        Maybe cell phones are responsible for turning this country into a mob of statue-burning, science impaired basket cases. That’s why I don’t own one.

      • Chris Peterson says:

        My apologies, I wasn’t suggesting that there is rampant disease caused by cell phone use, as it is now delivered, but that there is growing, scientific proof that it causes alarming changes to the animals exposed in hundreds of studies. And those don’t even include the new 5G system, which as I said, is a whole new ball game, with towers football fields apart everywhere it’s in operation. The exposure and intensity will be exponentially greater and with fewer studies on 5G, as one Senator said, “We’ll be virtually flying blind.” And folks like Bob, who have chosen to not carry a cell phone, are now nonetheless exposed with the rest of us.
        My only caution was that you were lumping it in with anti-vaxxers and other “half-assed conspiracy theories”, when in fact it is a real concern, by real scientists, doing real work.
        Hopefully, you’re right and it’s just another innocuous change to the world around us and has no effect on us or those yet to come. But, given our history and the scientists who are warning otherwise…what are the odds?

        • Chris Peterson says:

          Odd, too, is the observance that the overwhelming majority of scientists in the field of disease are listened to on the coronavirus, and the overwhelming majority in the field of climate science are listened to about global warming, yet when the overwhelming majority of scientists in this field of study claim that there’s a danger here, it’s somehow viewed as too inconvenient, or it’s invalid because someone crazy agrees with them.
          Science doesn’t care how popular a finding is, or whether a few people living on the side of a mountain in northern California believe in it or not; if it’s a fact, it’s a fact.

          • rlcrabb says:

            Overwhelming? I’ve been going back and forth with these studies for some time now and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus one way or the other.
            I’m not saying you’re wrong, and I don’t really want to get into another round of battling links on the issue.

    • She also made SF Gate, which is sort of the Chronicle, and the L.A. Times. Just the kind of publicity the town’s tourist-oriented businesses need.

      Senum is truly a clear-and-present danger to the local economy.

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