A Ruse By Any Other Name

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  1. rl crabb says:

    How long will California politicians continue to prop up this loser?… https://apnews.com/ed4ad5ff57de4f2eb92c446a620b0c83

    • Chris Peterson says:

      The article claims that Sen. Weiner has been left hanging for his opposition, but then it mentions quite a few big players who agree with him. But once I read about the stepped up speed of the bill, I knew the special interest writing was on the wall.
      You folks are gonna pay top dollar for an antiquated infrastructure and then be on the hook for future break downs. Best o’ luck with that.

  2. Steven Frisch says:

    So first let me say that 1) I support the ability of local governments and JPA’s having the right to purchase portions of or all of the IOU infrastructure if they choose to (Weiner’s position), and 2) I would have voted for the AB 1054 because without a permanent ongoing fund to pay for wildfire costs the risk of collapse of the systems are too high.

    The problem is that under the state inverse condemnation rules any IOU that has a wildfire on land they serve could be held liable, even if the cause of the fire was not the result of negligence. Inevitably that will bankrupt not just PGE but every IOU. Under that scenario there would be no choice but for publicly owned utilities to step in a provide service even if providing that service was insanely expensive, which it would be in the vast majority of the rural and mountainous regions of California.

    Urban centers essentially subsidize rural areas on the transmission side…due to the density of populations and economy of scale of rates versus the cost of service. In this case we need large systems to even that cost out (until truly widespread distributed generation and storage are available) , and without them places like Nevada County would be paying a HELL of a lot more for electricity.

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