Boobs In Toyland

Boobs in Toyland781

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Our modern day Laurel and Hardy look suspiciously like…well… you know.

  2. Michael Anderson says:

    Any way to turn this into a TV show? Wondering…

  3. Tom Odachi says:

    A new series is born!

  4. fish says:

    Four panels pretty much encapsulates the last 18 months (for me anyway) here!

    Brevity…the soul of wit.

  5. fish says:

    The spherical one is miffed that you have cast him in a less than flattering light. Evidently you are some sort of “agent” from “The Union” send to torment him. I have been outed as an agent of the Kochs (both by he who shall not be named… during a Chardonnay fueled Sunday night rant and by the local canine Joe K) those shadowiest of fascistic industrialist brothers trying to recreate early 1900’s Austro-Hungary. I can only assume that George Rebane is some sort of sleeper double agent from behind the former Iron Curtain who was activated in a way to form a “Hard Right” cadre to both monitor and suppress all the good works the a former editor might perform while deflecting attention from his nefarious plans by any curious locals. Greg Goodknight is a covert NSA agent who uses his computer acumen to sow dissent among the local gentry and their affiliated sock puppets! Todd very clearly is fronting Military Intelligence! Ben Emery seems to do reconnaissance work for the Peace Corp….I assume he is here merely as an observer and wasn’t sent to annoy jeffy directly. Frisch…well it’s obvious isn’t it….he is a control agent working on behalf of “The Junior League”……..well perhaps I’ve said too much!

    He’s right you know…you just can’t make this stuff up!

    …or can you!?

    • rlcrabb says:

      We are all criminals. I am very comfortable being on the shitlist of both. They are veritable fountains of material for an enterprising humorist.

  6. Scoopy is taking credit for luring “Good Day Sacramento” to Grass Valley today, not unexpected from somebody who can strut while seated.

    But he was in such a hurry to pat himself on the back that he engaged in the kind of sloppy writing you wouldn’t expect from an alleged former big-time journalist. Take the following sentence, “They start filming at 7 a.m. and continue live until 10 a.m.”

    First, TV stations haven’t used film for over 50 years, when they started to replace it with videotape, which has been replaced by today’s digital media. Second, why would they “film” when they’re going to broadcast “live”? What a dunce.

    Meanwhile, he and Keith Davies seem to have something kinky going on. Here’s a snippet of their online dialogue:

    Davies: “Bite me, Jeff!”

    Pelline: “Why thank you Keith! You are a real sweetheart!”

    And to think people move up here to raise their childen.

  7. Robert Lovejoy says:

    Cartman was drawn in the shape of a circle. I believe this sheds new light ‘Circle Jerk’, in addition to being anatomically correct. If the Bubble Boy was not such a petty, spiteful, and abusive know-it-all, no one would ever bother mention his grotesque disgusting form. I have known many good natured, kind, friendly and pleasant people who carry around a few pounds too many. The Aspherical One cannot be counted among those. Will Rogers never met Bubba Cartman.

  8. Tom O'Toole says:


    In my own humble opinion; your attempt with regard to the “circle jerk” humor(?) is rather tawdry at best. In addition to the rest of the not so useful verbiage…

    Here’s an idea; Keep paying attention to Boardman’s wit and style you may learn something that will be to the point yet seldom hurtful to its target.

    oops , Did I miss your point? Did you mean to be hurtful?

    • Robert Lovejoy says:

      Point taken, O’Toole. Should have proof read as well to catch some errors. Yes, I do wish nothing but complete and total ill will towards that arrogant grossly obese piece of shit.
      Mr. Boardman is a gifted writer, not I. Mr. Crabb is a gifted cartoonist, not I. You have a nice way of putting things, not I. I usually never put down the lame, the disfigured, those with horrendous hideous appearances, but I have no hesitation when it comes to Sir Bubba Fatius Cartman. Not because his lard ness is an easy target, but solely on what he says and does.
      Mr. Crabb has exhibited much patience, restraint, and long suffering in regards to his interactions with Manboobs. I no longer feel the need to be constrained.
      Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

      • rlcrabb says:

        Let’s try to keep the vitriol to a minimum, Mr. L. I know it’s difficult, but this is supposed to be a humorous site. We encourage laughter, not hatred.

  9. penny matson says:

    I am surprised at the crude and ugly tone of some of these remarks. How is it that the blog and opinions of another local character appear so threatening to your commenters? They sound like adolescents bullying an unpopular kid. Seems sad somehow.

    • fish says:

      Scoopy is a textbook case of psychological projection! If he wasn’t such an obtuse ass I’d almost feel sorry for him.

      • rlcrabb says:

        Oh, Scoopy…poor Scoopy…spends his life running through the paper looking for typos. Used to be the big fish in the little pond. Got canned and now trashes the people that he worked with and those who came after him. People that he doesn’t even know.

        He wonders why I ridicule him? Why wouldn’t I want more people with his kind of “values” to move up here and set us straight?

        Can you imagine a town full of Scoopys, doing to Nevada County what they’re doing to San Francisco? A town full of smug, entitled, rich fucks who get their thrills from pushing the locals around? Eeewww!

        I like all the friends I know who moved here from all directions and persuasions who came here to get away from assholes like Scoopy. We have our problems, sure. We have our own homegrown idiots like Toddy, another guy who just can’t let go of the hate he masks with stupid little phrases like ‘what a hoot.’
        Fortunately, there aren’t many of them. No place is perfect.

        So you fellas just keep on providing me with ammunition. I’ll supply the cartoons. Thank you.

        • Robert Lovejoy says:

          I am deeply sorry that my comments were not made more clear. I personally apologize to Mr. Crabb, his blog, and all his faithful followers if my comments were perceived as not funny and hateful. I need to state my observations with more clarity in the future. No more calling any dickhead a dickhead. I give you solemn word and unbreakable oath.
          Perhaps I failed to notice positive changes happening around my community. Let’s give credit to where credit is due. Attaboy time has arrived.

        • Barry Pruett says:

          Well said Crabb. Kim and I moved here from the Midwest (twice) because of how this community is. We are grateful that folks here have accepted us with open arms. We will never leave Nevada County; it is our home. Best place we have ever lived. I tell Kim that I am going to die here. Thank you too for the fun that you add to our quaint locale.

  10. Jonathan says:

    RL, why do you allow anonymous posters such as “fish”? Who are these people?

    • rlcrabb says:

      I guess you don’t read the Sierra Foothills Retort, where Fish was outed as a guy named Dave who lives somewhere in the Sacramento valley. It is a requirement on this blog to let me know if you are a real person, and then I decide whether to let the comment stand. “Fish” can comment here, “Jonathan”.

    • fish says:

      Really RL…after all I do for the community…..all I get is, …a guy named Dave who lives somewhere in the Sacramento valley.

      /fish ducks…. runs from room!

      For full details on my outing feel free to consult the “Scoopy the Detective Bureau” website or George Rebanes “Rebanes Ruminations”.

  11. rlcrabb says:

    Poor obsessed Scoopy… Now he’s all upset about another typo in The Union. Yeah, it was a dumb oversight. Shit happens, but I don’t think Utah’s legacy has been harmed. Being the humorist that he was, I believe he’d be amused by this tempest in a teapot. He’d probably say something along the lines of… “Rumors of my latest appearance have been greatly exaggerated.”

    • fish says:


      He’s even more worked up over a comment at Todds for some reason…..

      he who shall not be named says:

      November 19, 2014 at 7:44 am

      The commentators on Todd’s blog call this editorial blunder a “faux pas.” ROFLOL.

      faux pas
      ˌfō ˈpä/
      an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation.
      synonyms: mistake, blunder, gaffe, indiscretion, impropriety, solecism, barbarism;

      Must be a slow news day.

  12. rlcrabb says:

    You can tell Scoopy is getting flustered when he starts namecalling. He can’t let go of his vendetta against the paper now. His massive ego won’t allow it.

  13. Would that be the same Scoopy who wrote in his “magazine” that Yo-Yo Ma is a violinist, who had trouble spelling Alkire, Fouyer and Kellar, and who wrote in his blog that he was going to “peel the onion off the skin”?

    As Jeff “Clichés in Quotes” Pelline would put it: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  14. rlcrabb says:

    Utah Phillips may have gone on to hobo heaven, but according to my status page at NC Scooper, I’m still alive and kickin’.

  15. In the kind of tortured logic we’ve come to expect from Scoopy, calling Yo-Yo Ma a violinist is just a typo, but implying that Utah Phillips is alive is a serious error.

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