Book Release Party!!!

Poster Scablands615Okay! The book release party for SCABLANDS is set for Sunday, July 27, from 3 to 6 pm. There will be munchies for the bums and I’ll have a big stack of books for sale. Let the good times roll!

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  1. Robert Lovejoy says:

    I will be there if I have the gas money. I have already purchased Mr. Crabb’s “Best of” book filled with entertaining cartoons. I only bought it to read the articles, not look at the pictures. He even autographed it so I will have to wait until he is pushing up daisies to part with it. Might fund those golden years. I also purchased Mr. Crabbs’ tee shirt “Every night is a full moon in Nevada City”. Came in any color I wanted as long as it was black. It is still looking good and has evoked more than a few delightful and funny comments when worn out in public. I now will purchase his new book to add to my R.L. shrine in the front entry. He has a silent yet loyal following. Its a bloody miracle.

  2. San French says:

    This is so Sweet! Hours that I can actually abide. I’ll be the pale one with the stick.

  3. rlcrabb says:

    Thanks, fellows. Look forward to seeing everyone at the watering hole.

    • steve cottrell says:


      Have a great time at McGee’s, but in case you sell out that night, be sure to leave a spare copy at home. I get my monthly stipend from Uncle Sam next week, so my dough will be arriving in your P.O. box about the same time you are loading up the car with a couple cartons of books to sell and sign at 315 Broad Street.

      Have fun.

  4. rlcrabb says:

    Hi everybody! Just a note to tell everyone that I took a tumble and cracked my kneecap. I’m laid up for awhile, but I’ll be at McGee’s Sunday the 27th if I have to crawl there. For those who are sending money for signed books, it may take a little longer to fill orders but I WILL get to it! Promise.

  5. San French says:

    SO~ I just got back from McGee’s. Nobody was there. I thought, Bob’s probably cancelled because of his knee injury. Then the bartender takes me back to the announcement board and points out that the book party is on July 27 not July 21. I had no one to be mad at. I’m back home now. See ya next week.


  6. rlcrabb says:

    Sorry for any confusion, San. I will most definitely be there next Sunday (7/27 @ 3pm) if I am alive and the world has not ended. Look forward to seeing you.

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