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Hot Air BNB402There’s been another recent effort to persuade the Nevada City City Council to allow neighborhood airbnb’s. I’ve made the point over and over again that the council does not have the power to okay any such change in zoning. The voters made it clear twenty years ago that they didn’t want more of these types of businesses in their backyard.

(Of course, that hasn’t stopped some from doing it on the sly. It’s the Nevada City way!)

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  1. rl crabb says:

    Herb Caen must be rolling in his grave to see what the greedheads are doing to his City…

  2. Bob, did I ever tell you about me good friend Rom Fimrite? He never heard of Pelline! LOL. We used to have great times drinking Irish coffee and eating clam chowder at the Buena Vista Café.

    Did you know my good friend Stanton Delaplane first introduced Irish coffee to the U.S. He also won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the original effort to create a “State of Jefferson.” Maybe the Chronicle can win another Pulitzer! LOL

    Of course, all of this was before Moose’s and the Wash Bag opened. I’ll never forget the time I almost hit my good friend Charles McCabe when he tried to cross Columbus Avenue after drinking one too many at the Wash Bag.

    Those were the days my friend.

    • rlcrabb says:

      Scoopy is such a bitter fellow, but then he is known to despise renters. He claims that the Great Unraveling of San Francisco isn’t as bad as it was in the gold rush days. I’m sure that’s a great comfort to the evicted middle class of today.

  3. fish says:

    You hung out with the Mitchell Brothers Gals RL?! Nice!

    Ya know that reminds me of the time I was at the Playboy Mansion with Gary Kildall, the Beatles, and J. Robert Oppenheimer….we were waiting for Chinese delivery ….well JRob was trying to work up a kick ass slogan when I suggested….”I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”.

    Yeah that was totally me…..and I didn’t get to work at the Chronicle either because he never gave me proper attribution………typical Harvard man!

  4. rl crabb says:

    Yeah, I met quite a few celebs at the O’Farrell…Willie Brown, R. Crumb,Hunter Thompson and even Herb Caen. The only reason he might have remembered me was because I was wearing a pair of official O’Farrell panties on my head at the time.

  5. rl crabb says:

    Checking in at Scoopy’s blog, I see he’s still on the warpath, and still trumpeting his “street cred” with the a bunch of dead journalists from the Chronicle. Who gives a flying fuck? Scoopy, obviously. And he’s crowing over the “7K” hits on his blog this week. Whoop-de-doo! The “For Rent” cartoon has passed 22,ooo likes and 876 shares on Facebook, so there. We all have our good days on the interweb. Get over yourself.

  6. I hope Jeffy didn’t spill tea in his oatmeal this mornings while reading the letters to the editor of The Union, particularly the comment about “Smart birds don’t crap in their own nest.”

    He would probably prefer John Boehner’s more gentile comment that he doesn’t want to leave the new speaker with a “barn full of you-know-what.”

    • Chris Peterson says:

      After Newt’s affairs, Livingston’s indiscretions, Hastert’s boy-toy blackmail , and Delay’s proprietary imperfections, Boehner will be lucky to retire as nothing more than an above-average assbag.
      I’m beginning to think that the House Speaker is the most corruptible position in our system. Third in line and mired in slime.

  7. Oops, make that “genteel.”

  8. Douglas Keachie says:

    The Greater Bay Area is quickly becoming the world’s first financially gated metro. And Art Hoppe was the grandfather of Nun of the Above with his “Vote for Nobody” campaigns.

  9. Jeffy must be behind on his monthly quota because he’s now criticizing The Union for not vetting submissions to its editorial page like the New York Times does.

    His naïve acolytes–the ones who think Jeffy provides fair and balanced criticism of The Union–might be interested to know that the Times has 19 people on its editorial page staff alone. The Union has 12 people on its entire editorial staff.

  10. rl crabb says:

    Let’s nip this one in the bud. I don’t really care what he thinks about anything, and I’d rather talk about other things than the local blog wars.

  11. Michael Anderson says:

    Hey Bob,
    This article I read this morning gives some great stats on the housing crisis in the Bay Area, particularly Oakland. Just brutal:

    Michael A.

  12. rl crabb says:

    HEADLINE: Unelected City Council Overturns Voter-approved Initiative. (Lawsuit to follow.)

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