Scoopy On Patrol

Berns Trump565Someone alerted me that Scoopy was hot on my trail this morning, pointing out that I was lampooning Bernie Sanders on the very day of the New Hampshire primary. More proof of my fealty to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and “The Tea Party Gazette,” also known as The Union.

This is the maroon who claims that I obsess about him.

The cartoon is the latest installment of my ongoing series covering the 2016 presidential punch-out. Just a few weeks ago, I was doing the same to a character named Trump, a simple man for a simple time.

You see, I believe in telling the story from both sides, the way it is playing out in reality, not just the cherry-picked portions  that suit my agenda. I leave that to hacks like Scoopy.

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3 Responses to Scoopy On Patrol

  1. Vance Goss says:

    Don’t worry, Bob. I think Bernie & his real supporters can handle a little satire & fun poked @ them. We are after all dirty, godless communists bound for Hades so I think a modicum of skin thickness & perspective comes with the territory. Wasn’t candidate Sanders just on SNL having a little fun with the whole thing & making light of himself? He certainly doesn’t need some pink-palmed Chicken Little creating drama where none exists, flopping on the local media hardwood, pleading for fouls. This fabrication of harm & decrying of imaginary allegiances seems like such a perfect ploy to play into the stereotypes & cliches made of Sanders supporters that it makes one wonder if the finger pointer gets it @ all. Scoopy doth protest too much, methinks.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Any astute reporter would have recognized by now that the cry for Trump is the same as the cry for Bernie, much the same as a vote for Bush is the same as a vote for Clinton. And what’s fueling this movement is simple; white folks are starting to realize they’re being treated like the minorities have been for centuries, and that just won’t do.

    We have but three choices this year: SOS, Trump/Sanders, and Nun of the Above. In the order of my preference, they are: Sanders, Trump, NOTA. May the most irreverent win.

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