The Hanging Presidents

Marching Prez Art246The Famous Nevada City Marching Presidents return to the Center For The Arts with another mind-wrenching display of creativity this coming Tuesday. This year’s rogue’s gallery features art by Susan Barry, Pearce Boyer, Dave Fluke, Gary Hennings, Francene Holland, Bill Holman, Dan O’Neill, Nancy Patmont, David (Sparky) Parker, Bonnie St. James, Susan Thurston and Yers Truly. There were will be a typical wine and cheese reception Wednesday, July 10, from 6 to 8pm. The Marching Presidents, breaking with protocol, will also make their first appearance at the Fourth of July parade in Grass Valley this year.

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  1. Mark Johnson says:

    What! the Marching Presidents in the GV parade! GV-NC relations are at an all time high(some think low!) – sharing cops, and now the Marching Presidents in GV – What’s next?

    I have not missed a GV Independence Day parade in decades, but I will be in Boston, and points East next week. So sorry to miss the parade this year. I hope Ophir Prison Band(OPB) shows up this year too. Some “clown”(to remain unnamed) demanded the OPB not participate in 2011! Bad move!!

    I will be back in GV for the wine & cheese gig. I will throw a little Nevada County tea in the Boson Harbor on Independence day.

  2. rl crabb says:

    Check out the new website for The Marching Prezidents…

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