The Juvenall Mullisha

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    Now THAT’S a militia!

  2. Steve Frisch says:

    Photos like that take my breathe away.

  3. The people who concocted the list of California’s 10 most white trash towns said the list was put together “After pouring over data, watching too many fistfights, and perusing…illiterate comments.”

    They probably didn’t know that Todd and Walt don’t live in Grass Valley.

  4. Judith Lowry says:

    Sorry guys, but this picture looks like a fake set up to me.
    I tried to find its source online with no luck.
    Can anyone verify this photo?

  5. WALT says:

    And the problem is? Looters are the scum of the earth. And don’t give me “they were just looking for food” BS.

  6. Jeffie’s really going around the bend. I hope his wife doesn’t let drink too much of that Caroline’s french roast (whole bean, of course).

  7. rl crabb says:

    Jeff’s the one that said no one knows me and no one reads The Union. I just reposted it on Facebook to see if he was right. Apparently, some people still recognize me. It’s pointless to joust with him. He’s never wrong, you know.

  8. fish says:

    “This is getting tiresome: Crabb and a former publisher of The Union both know that I supported him when the publisher proposed cutting back his column to cut costs. I took him to lunch and assured him that his column would remain intact.

    Apparently decent enough to help someone out yet still petty enough to never, ever, ever stop lording it over that person!

    Makes you wonder if this wasn’t the intent from the beginning?

  9. Jeffie is becoming unhinged because people actually like the Crabman.

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