The Penny Ante Republican by Dan O’Neill

Occasionally, people will ask me if cartoonist Dan O’Neill is still alive and doing comics. The answer is yes, if there is a war to be fought, and Nevada County’s cannabis conflict has inspired Dan to emerge from his bunker on Prospect Hill to address the troops. It helps that he is related (by marriage) to Supervisor Dan Miller, whom he attacks with enthusiastic viciousness. Note that O’Neill credits Nevada City with making him “the most obnoxious cartoonist of all time.”

Penny Ante One713Penny Ante Two714Penny Ante Three715Penny Ante Four716

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3 Responses to The Penny Ante Republican by Dan O’Neill

  1. Gail Kraus says:

    Thanks R.L. for passing this on.
    Dan, it seems you were always there, and now, here you are again! A true silver lining.
    Perfect time to bring back the sea of tapioca pudding…

  2. With relatives like O”Neill, Miller doesn’t need any enemies.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Apparently, with the backing of big pharma, Miller doesn’t think he needs his fellow citizens; friends, family, or whatever.
      And it ain’t just a problem in CA; same thing is happening up here in OR, and across the country. Live in a rural area? Then your supes are holding back the clock.
      When asked about his not profiting from his polio vaccine, Jonas Salk said, “”There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?” I guess we’re now in an age where small-time, local politicians believe they can.

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