What If They Held An Election And No One Showed Up?

There’s an election tomorrow for state senate. Thanks to Dan “I want it all” Logue’s off-and-on candidacy in the general election in November, no one managed to get the required 50%+ needed to avoid a run-off. Box201

This has been the most non-election I’ve seen in these parts in many a moon. I don’t think I’ve received one mailer for either candidate. What candidates? Thanks to the “top two” rule, only Republican Nielson and Democrat Harrington will appear on the ballot. Ho hum. Any guesses on how low turnout will be tomorrow?

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6 Responses to What If They Held An Election And No One Showed Up?

  1. Brad Croul says:

    This would probably have solved the problem and saved the taxpayers the expense of throwing another election.


  2. Ben Emery says:

    You couldn’t be more correct!

  3. rl crabb says:

    Looks like the turnout is hovering around thirty percent. In other words, relatives of the candidates.

  4. Steve Enos says:

    When I voted the place was empty, I was the onlt voter. I voted around noon and was voter number “31”. Looks like voter turn out was ultra low. The cost of this special election and how it came to pass could have been avoided by Dan “I want it all” Logue. More public money pissed away.

  5. Todd Juvinall says:

    I voted at the Elections office the day before the First. These specials are never high in turnout. Hell, wasn’t the 2010 election close to these numbers? Anyway, I was always a “democracy has a cost” fellow and so what if it cost some buckos? Our state spends more on prisoners health costs in three days. Big deal.

    I like Neilson and his COS is my old pal David Reade, Bernie Richter’s son in law.

  6. Todd Juvinall says:

    Oh, and he got over 60% in the “purple mans” county and 66% in the district. All while Mr. Purple was in France, a place that deserves him.

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