Whose Town Hall Is It, Anyway? (Updated:3:19pm)

When it was announced that the long awaited Congressman LaMalfa town hall meeting would take place this Saturday (noon @ the fairgrounds) local Republican Bob Hren let it be known that Republicans would have first dibs on the seating to prevent the dog and pony show to be dominated by surly Democrats. Don Bessee is doling out seat assignments.

Do you get the idea that Hren and Bessee are intentionally provoking the left to create a disturbance?

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    Since Don1 and Don2 seem to both favor the Perfect Pretty Boy slick (http://therighthairstyles.com/slicked-back-hair-styles/5/), I’m going to agree with your provoke proposition. Both Dons love to stir the pot.

    • Michael Anderson says:

      What a load of horse manure:
      “Set-Up: The typical opposition/protest groups will try to dominate the event. We must show up in large numbers to show we are strong too. The best way to assure seating is to volunteer for the set-up effort. For that, a list of approved set-up personnel is being compiled by Don Bessee. Only persons who are on the set-up list will be provided with the details for arrival location and early admission time for set-up.”

  2. Michael Anderson says:

    I have the solution, someone get the fairgrounds folks on the horn.

    “The Paris Peace talks, which opened on May 10, 1968, continue to be plagued by procedural questions that impeded any meaningful progress. South Vietnamese Premier Nguyen Cao Ky refused to consent to any permanent seating plan that would place the National Liberation Front (NLF) on an equal footing with Saigon. North Vietnam and the NLF likewise balked at any arrangement that would effectively recognize the Saigon as the legitimate government of South Vietnam. Prolonged discussions over the shape of the negotiating table was finally resolved by the placement of two square tables separated by a round table. Chief U.S. negotiator Averell Harriman proposed this arrangement so that NLF representatives could join the North Vietnamese team without having to be acknowledged by Saigon’s delegates; similarly, South Vietnamese negotiators could sit with their American allies without having to be acknowledged by the North Vietnamese and the NLF representatives. Such seemingly insignificant matters became fodder for many arguments between the delegations at the negotiations.”

  3. fish says:

    “Debra Snell, a Grass Valley resident and liberal, said Hren is trying to stack the deck in favor of La Malfa.”

    Now they care about deck stacking…….?


  4. rl crabb says:

    The irony here is that all they had to do was encourage their troops to show up and support their congressman. Instead, they go out of their way to stack the deck, and make it public to boot. These morons would fuck up a wet dream.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      I have no doubt that what they are doing will have the exact opposite effect of what they want. Being in charge of who’s stacking the chairs isn’t going to change the fact that, across the nation, the quickly diminishing minority of this conservative power play are losing all support. Even the Republican heads of Congressional Committees, sub-Committees, and otherwise free-thinking party members are now circling the wagons for the kill.

      The Congressional leaders in the House and Senate have lost all control, as the rank and file members are answering to the one true voice that scares them worse than their benefactors: the voters in revolt.

      The administration of Sideshow Don, tattered at the edges, is unraveling at what would be to the average Fox viewer, an alarming rate, and if there’s anything that remains consistent in today’s politics, it’s that politicians will eat their own to remain in office.

      Bookies are now giving 4-1 odds on the Ultimate Apprentice being impeached within 6 months, and the other shoe could drop at any minute, no matter who’s in charge of the seating arrangements.

  5. Michael Anderson says:

    Todd Juvinall, in a comment to today’s online Union article about the LaMalfa event, synthesized the systemic dividers who have sought to destroy the American nation-state since WWII, and which accelerated alarmingly during the Vietnam War:

    “Common folks like all of us don’t have the freebies these pinheads get. They say they work, you know, the University professors making six figures and maybe putting in 10 hours a week in the classroom. Then they rile up the chillin to protest and break things just like they did in the 60’s.”

    Sound familiar? It should: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligenzaktion

    Trump, like Todd, also hates “the elites.” Why? Because they look down their noses at him, call him a buffoon, make him feel small and unimportant. He’s been fighting elitism his entire life, just like Adolf Hitler. The emancipated Jews of the 19th century, many of whom became captains of industry and banking in early 20th century Europe, are of the same “immigrant-other” ilk that Trump’s current populist movement seeks to stifle, quell, and ultimately put down in the early 21st century.

    The big story in Nevada County today was Saturday’s upcoming LaMalfa Town Hall meeting allegedly being packed with a sympathetic audience by none other than Tail-Gunner Joe Don Bessee, which thankfully brought a clear refutation from LaMalfa’s office. The tone deaf Nevada County Republican Party continues to amaze.

    Let’s be clear. America is not center-right, it’s center-left. And the cities are full left, which also happens to be where the vast majority of the nation’s commerce and wealth is created. These are facts, easily proven with readily verifiable data.

    The story of America begins with a tragic arc built on slavery, and rural America continues to suffer the consequences. After the Vietnam War ended, and President Carter attempted to put a broken country back together again with a wounded and willing electorate, the right-wing intelligentsia realized that they were doomed unless they figured out how to short-circuit the inevitable. Conservative think tanks like the the Heritage Foundation, founded in 1973, ramped up their enormously successful, yet cynically nation-state-destroying strategy:
    * Take over all three branches of government, from the bottom up
    * Work the strategy in all 50 states, infiltrate local/state/federal levels of gov’t with idealogues
    * Sell the strategy by defining progressive/liberal politicians and the citizens who support them as people who DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO GOVERN because their ideas and ideologies are bad for America, bankrupt, un-American, unpatriotic, and unconstitutional.

    On the contrary, populists like Don Trump are the un-American, unpatriotic, unconstitutional system dividers who are attempting to destroy this country. Members of the Nevada County Democratic Party who think that letters to the editor, coffee klatches, endless meetings, smug elitism, or town hall meetings are going to accomplish anything need to get real.

    We are at the end game of a very successful 40-year conservative strategy that involved gerrymandering, voter suppression, media manipulation, tilted scales, obscene amounts of money, and a toxic mixture of fear, hate, ridicule, and dysfunction that has destroyed both sides of the coin.

    We are at the abyss. Look inside your heart and decide how you wish to proceed.

    • fish says:

      On the contrary, populists like Don Trump are the un-American, unpatriotic, unconstitutional system dividers who are attempting to destroy this country. Members of the Nevada County Democratic Party who think that letters to the editor, coffee klatches, endless meetings, smug elitism, or town hall meetings are going to accomplish anything need to get real.

      And what do you propose to right the progressive ship Michael?

  6. rl crabb says:

    The Republickin’s were in short supply at today’s town hall meeting. A rough estimate of about a thousand people, maybe 10% conservatives if you go by the people who asked questions or made comments. A noisy crowd, to be sure, but fairly civilized and I didn’t see any violence or overly rude behavior. La Malfa handled it well, even through the boos. And despite the rumors of bused in protestors, I’d say the vast majority were Dougie’s constituents. (There were a few who identified themselves as residents of Redding and Chico.)

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