Y Or Y Not?

Y or YNot651I am not a resident of Nevada City. I am not taking sides on Measure Y, but I do have an opinion on the election.

Twenty years ago, the voters of Nevada City passed an initiative to limit Bed & Breakfast businesses in the neighborhoods. After initially welcoming such endeavors, residents who lived near them began to complain about noise, parking and the general feeling that residential neighborhoods should remain residential.

Much water has passed under the Pine Street bridge since then. A new generation isn’t as concerned about aesthetics as they are about being able to make their mortgage payments. The city council and city attorney found a loophole in the ordinance that would allow them to bypass the restrictions and rewrite the rules.

This doesn’t seem fair to me, especially when you consider the the deciding vote to overturn the ban was cast by a councilperson who was never elected to office. And the mantra of “why are we bothering with this when we have other problems like homelessness and crime to deal with?” is a pretty weak excuse. This affects everyone in the city limits. If the council couldn’t handle more than one problem at a time, why are they there?

One reason is that there isn’t enough interest in city government to bother with elections anymore. There hasn’t been a contested city council election in six years. Of course, that hasn’t stopped residents from filling the council chamber when they have a complaint.

So I don’t care how you vote on Measure Y. If you want Airbnb’s in Nevada City, fine, but please take the time and effort to vote. Don’t whine about it after the fact. It’s the democratic thing to do.

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3 Responses to Y Or Y Not?

  1. Since “NC Voter” is on a bike, I view this cartoon as a subtle endorsement of Duane Strawser. Watch out for the tree huggers!

  2. Richard and Theresa Thomas says:

    Loopholes is right Bob. Measure Y allows Airbnb’s, but the hurriedly adopted and deceiving “Hosts” initiative doesn’t even require a live in owner, or even a live in manager to reside at the residence and “host” the tourists. That opens the door again to “whole house vacation rentals” and outside investors that NC banned because of the negative effects on our neighborhoods. Good point about unelected council members. I’ve talked to a lot of involved folks on both sides of the issue, and it has taken me a long time to come to a conclusion, but I am now vocal and loud for Yes on Y!!!

  3. Brad Croul says:

    Here is what I found in the Host Initiative that was approved by the city council.

    Pg. 66, Section 2, A, 4 – rental of all or a portion of a Unit for less than 30 days.

    Pg. 66, Section 2,B, 2 – no more than 2 Units may be rented or offered for rent at the same time.

    Pg. 66, Section 2, B, 3 – The Owner shall reside at the property or in Nevada County.

    Pg. 66-67, Section 2, B, 7 – This Section does not and is not intended to permit an Owner to use his property solely for Hosted short-term rentals.

    Pg. 67, Section 4 – Limited, partial use of housing units at a single family residence for hosted short-term rentals is permitted as allowed under voter-approved initiatives.

    Pg, 68, Section 5, E. – The City Council is authorized, after a duly noticed public hearing, to adopt implementing ordinances, guidelines, rules, and regulations, as necessary, to further the purposes of this Initiative.


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