The Only Thing We Have To Cheer Is Cheer Itself

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4 Responses to The Only Thing We Have To Cheer Is Cheer Itself

  1. Terry says:

    Because I have been diagnosed an obsessive compulsive when it comes to using our poor, beleaguered native tongue, (and other issues) I am confused by our favorite holiday nun (and many others) when the words, “Shop LOCAL” are uttered. Please, some of you less linguistically challenged English-speaking humans, can you help me out here? Isn’t the phrase supposed to be, “Shop LOCALLY”? A moot point I know, but under the conditions mentioned previously, my shrink (on TV and so irrefutably reliable) indicates this fixation needs to be addressed. Please Dr. C-Man, I am in desperate need of validation. (After that, I have a few more linguistic issues and your strip is far less expensive than any real shrinks who have been known to charge $15 an hour and even MORE if they actually have an office instead of the back of a Lexus.

    • rl crabb says:

      My editor is the size of the area I have to fill with words. I can’t fit the Gettysburg Address on Nunny’s sign, at least so it would be legible.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      An article in Forbes magazine claims that, while shopping “locally” can include businesses owned by outside sources and chains, shopping “local” denotes spending your money in establishments that are locally-owned, by which up to 3 times as much money stays in the local economy.

      Perhaps your evangelical therapist should focus on your fixation with semantics, which I abhor. Well, I really don’t abhor semantics; perhaps hate is a better word. No, I don’t hate semantics; dislike is more an appropriate description of my feelings on semantics. Then again…

  2. Julie Morse says:

    From a person who worked her way through cancer this year and has spent 32 years working with children with disabilities who sing their carols loud and proud this time of year, I invite everyone who wants to spend precious time and even more precious brain cells being negative to go out and find some joy in this all too short life.
    Happy Holidays and yes, keep shopping local!
    Bob – thanks for all the smiles this year and keep those cartoons coming!

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