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  1. Julie Morse says:

    According to a commentator on KVMR a couple of weeks ago, it’s the liberal teachers that are polluting the minds of the young these days. As one of those teachers who spent 6 years teaching in a very poor area in San Diego with 95% of students getting free lunch and breakfast, your cartoon in The Union today really struck home. It’s hard enough helping those children learn to read, write, and do math while they are worried about what awaits them when they return home (if they have one)- turning them into young progressives wasn’t even on the radar of us educators spending our own money on school supplies and field trips.
    Once again, thank you for your exceptional ways of offering insight about a myriad of topics and continually stirring the pot in our wonderful little town.

    • rl crabb says:

      Thanks, Julie. When us boomers went to school, teachers ruled. Their word was law. Every teacher I talk to nowadays tells me that parents are one of the biggest obstacles they face. No support from home. And that’s if the kid has a home.
      As for this millennial cartoon, it is based on an actual conversation from a few years ago. The Millennials believe that they can change the world, once we old farts get out of the way. Yes, I remember saying the same thing about my parents. Eventually, they’ll find out that human nature isn’t something they can control, and with so many uneducated and unemployable youngsters it’s going to be an uphill battle to maintain a civil society. I wish them all the luck in the world. They’ll need it.

      • Greg Goodknight says:

        RL when you were in grade school the teachers were also complaining about the lack of parental support, or at least they were in the district where my father taught (and climbed the administrative ladder, retiring as a middle school VP). At Parent’s Nights, some parents would faithfully attend, but their kids were not the ones who needed help. Imagine that.

        A game for this coming October… cruise the teacher’s parking lot and tally DEM vs GOP bumper stickers.

      • Chris Peterson says:

        Teachers are people; no better, or worse, than any other cross section of society, and their word, back in the day, was law only when they were in the right. Same as ever.
        The more those with a “better” idea have screwed up our education system, the more blame has been put on the parents for not filling the gap for the children who are increasingly uninspired by the cookie-cutter, teach-for-the-test curriculum.
        Even back in grade school, I had teachers, like Mr. Ali, for whom I couldn’t wait to answer the questions posed, and those like Mrs. Richards, our home room teacher who, as you know, was more of a nemesis in my life.
        Back then, my Dad understood that, at home, we were taught things such as responsibility, manners, and social skills. The classroom was a purely academic, which is why I received no punishment at home for standing my ground against undue punishment that day that Mrs. Richards handed you the lesson plan and marched me off to the Principle’s office for “spats.” (Something that never actually happened, for political reasons: Mr. Houser wanted an easement through my Dad’s land.)
        So, let’s put the blame where it belongs: administrators are failing the system, some teachers are no better at their job than some mechanics are at fixing your car, and parents are, for the most part, but a convenient scapegoat for a system that has become increasingly FUBAR and failing our kids.

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