What’s In A Name?

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5 Responses to What’s In A Name?

  1. Don Baumgart says:

    I’ve always believed that each Big Pharma company has a very highly paid writer locked away somewhere creating weird new drug names.

  2. fish says:

    Another wry insight from the “Grand Marshal”! I’ve had similar thoughts when walking through IKEA…..that all of their product names result from nothing more than a shake of a “Boggle” cube!

    Hey…..enjoy your new “Blort” sofa!

  3. rl crabb says:

    I’d kill for a bottle of Xylatripsis right now.

  4. Chris Peterson says:

    Kinda’ hard to fit Jeremiah Peabody’s Polyunsaturated Quick-dissolving Fast-acting Green and Purple Pills on a small bottle.

    Having taken and passed the national certification test for pharmacy technician, I can tell you that, without a doubt, the hardest part of the test was the name recognition when given the compound structure, which was a third of the exam. Had I not aced the medical, law, and math portion, I never would have passed. Some give you a clue; most do not.

  5. Cathy says:

    They have to come up with snappy names to distract you from all the deadly side effects!

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