Exercise Your Frights

The closer we get to November, the more desperate the parties become. You’ll want to avoid being run over by lies, innuendo, and an avalanche of bullshit.

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2 Responses to Exercise Your Frights

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    I know it is your aspiration, as a cartoonist, to be as MOR as possible and assign blame for things to both parties as much as possible, but when you, once again, make the observation that ‘both’ parties have become desperate, I have to wonder, what is it about the Biden campaign that seems desperate, much less constitutes “lies, innuendo, and an avalanche of bullshit?”
    While I am admittedly an independent of totally progressive viewpoints, I nevertheless try to maintain a largely unbiased ‘umpires’ view of the political world. In doing so, I find it an easy task to see the balls and strikes of this particular game. And other than the shrinking loyalists of his following, it is pretty much the opinion of the entire world that Trump’s campaign, and possibly his entire life story, is made up of “lies, innuendo, and an avalanche of bullshit.”
    That is hardly the case with Biden’s campaign and while saying so may make for ‘good print’, it’s hard to believe that it’s also your personal opinion on the matter. And while both political parties and their participants do and say equally ignorant things in their quest for power, Trump is something totally different and totally separate, in my mind. He is often quoted as saying, “I am not a politician” and that’s possibly the most honest thing he’s ever uttered. He is, for lack of any other word in the English language, simply a “Trump”, which is by definition, a character made up entirely of “lies, innuendo, and an avalanche of bullshit.”

  2. RL CRABB says:

    Trump is certainly the king of bullpucky. The Democrats just try to sell themselves better. Joe Biden doesn’t want to scare voters by coming out and saying he and his cohorts will at least try to pack the courts, and you know if the situation was reversed and the Dems were in power now they would gladly pack the courts.
    And then there are those who want to add a few more states, just to solidify one party rule. It’s all about winning, and as far as I can see both parties will do anything to accomplish their goal.
    We’ll just have to see what happens after November 3. I’d like to believe Joe will try to ratchet down the heat, but he’s going to be under a lot of pressure to stick it to the Republicans.
    And if by some chance Trump wins, he’ll no doubt proclaim himself god emperor.
    I hope I’m dead wrong on this, but I can’t see things getting better, at least in the short run.

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