Guest Cartoon

George Rebane and his cronies believe Democrats want Trump to die. Democrats, on the other hand, tend to see the opposite…

(Cartoon courtesy of Dan O’Neill)

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2 Responses to Guest Cartoon

  1. Ken Jones says:

    And when a commenter asked Rebane for proof of these statements about Democrats hoping for Trump’s death, he refused and called the commenter lazy. I guess the continued support from Walt, fish, Todd, Bill, Greg and the remaining frequent caustic contributors are more important to George. Like Trump he plays to the LCD.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    As an independent, I don’t ‘want’ him to die, but if he did, the world would be a better place. He did say, last night, that he might leave the country if not reelected, so we’ll see which side that inspires more. It’s probably got more to do with legal issues than political ones, but if he did leave, it’s doubtful anyone would make the effort to extradite him.

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