Happy Presidents Day

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4 Responses to Happy Presidents Day

  1. Todd Boog says:

    At some point America will see Trump’s taxes. When they see he hasn’t paid anything for the past ten years, The Trumpers will cheer, high five, and say it’s a win.

  2. Theresa Ellrott says:

    I bet he didn’t pay taxes because he used all the loop holes that Obama and other Presidents created for rich people.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      I’d be real interested to see exactly what tax breaks President Obama gave to the wealthy. Must have slipped that one by me. (Not that that’s all that difficult to do.)
      And it’s always amused me that Congress writes the tax code, but they gladly include tax breaks for themselves when there’s a republican President to suggest it. I guess, that way, the blame’s not on them?

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