Liar’s Club

Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Maria Bartiromo were outed last week for tweets that revealed they lied through their teeth during the 2020 election, claiming that Dominion voting machines were rigged to favor Joe Biden when they knew it was a lie. How any thinking human can believe anything they say is one of life’s continuing mysteries.

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10 Responses to Liar’s Club

  1. Michael Kesti says:

    One way to test an idea is to it to an extreme and consider whether it still seems valid. I’ll try this in regard to “How any thinking human can believe anything they say is one of life’s continuing mysteries.”

    I’ll begin by telling a lie. “I have never told a lie.” I’ll now say, “A dusting of snow fell in my neighborhood this morning.” Can I be believed about the snow?

    • RL CRABB says:

      So we must assume that the Fox anchors were wildly taken out of context and they meant the exact opposite of what they said, just as The Donald was when he urged his mob to reverse the 2020 election results by “peacefully” storming the Capitol.
      Apparently there is no amount of evidence that will ever cause a true MAGA believer to doubt the word of Murdoch’s prophets, which should be properly spelled as profits.

  2. Michael Kesti says:

    This was about none of those things but was instead entirely about your invalid conclusion.

    • Ken Jones says:

      Michael you are granting absolution to Fox News for repeated lies. Your example is simply a false equivalency. Defending Fox for being liars, proven over and over, doesn’t change the fact that Fox is lying. Bob’s conclusion wasn’t invalid, it was a validation of what has been shown. And Tucker, Maria, Laura and Sean were caught in the act.

      • Michael Kesti says:

        If I had absolved or defended anybody I would have had to refer to them directly or with third-person pronouns. Free your mind from fear and hate, Ken, if only for a moment, and see that what I said is universally true. Or do you not believe that snow fell in my neighborhood this morning?

        You, as do a great many people, appear to believe that Carlson, Bartiromo, Ingraham, and Hannity themselves decide what to report and how to report it but nothing could be further from the truth. Their producers control these things and the network’s executives decide for the producers. It would be easy to conclude that if you don’t understand this then you understand nothing about the television news business but that would be incorrect for the same reason that having lied doesn’t make one incapable of telling the truth.

        • Ken Jones says:

          My mind is free of hate and of fear Michael. Quite simply I don’t give a damn if snow fell in your yard, but I care when a major “News” organization relies on lies to boost the bottom line.
          When did you become an expert on the TV news business? Watching a lot of TV hardly makes one an expert.

          • Michael Kesti says:

            The point is not whether it snowed but whether, having told an obvious lie, you believe me when I report that it snowed.

            Here is news: They have all lied to boost their bottom lines.

            I have worked in television and have direct experience with how it’s done.

  3. When Dominion Voting Systems gets through running Fox Corp. through the ringer, Fox News will have to change its tag line to “We distort, you decide.”

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