Morning Doodle 2/27/19

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2 Responses to Morning Doodle 2/27/19

  1. Some deal. We’ve dropped our demand that Kim provide a complete inventory of his nuclear arsenal. Donnie just wants a win–at any price.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    What cracks me up is the “experts” who say Donnie is weakening our hand by playing it so soft on Kim. Drumpf doesn’t care about serious nuclear negotiations; his only reason for being there is his appearance, not the substance. Like everything else he does, it is merely a photo op.

    And as far as Cohen’s testimony; nothing new was revealed. I get the feeling that Trump, himself, could be called before Congress, admit he has lied, cheated, and committed crimes and the Democrats would say, “OK, a little more evidence and we’re gonna get real serious.”

    My favorite line from the testimony: Cohen telling the Republicans, “I did exactly what you’re doing, for ten years. I protected Donald J. Trump.”

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