Pick A Party

Pick A Party315Every now and then I feel compelled to run this strip. I did it eleven years ago and my opinion on parties hasn’t changed since then. It becomes more relevant as we move into another election cycle, as evidenced by the increasingly partisan bickering in the comments section of news sites and blogs, both national and local. Thank goodness I’m above it all. (Just kidding!)

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  1. Robert Lovejoy says:

    EARTH FIRST!….then log and mine the other planets.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Firstly, Jerry Mandarin leans much more right than left.

    Secondly, getting re-elected is the goal that consumes 90% of the time of any office holder in any party. Where they get the money to accomplish that determines which party they are loyal to.

    And lastly, our whole political system is based purely on the premise that they agree to disagree; a fact born out time and again by an 80% public opinion for or against proposed legislation, yet no consensus in Congress can be reached.

    The Supreme Court is correct in their judgement that money is speech, at least in the practical sense, and that is the central factor in why our current system does not work. No politician will bite the hand that feeds them; and WE are not that hand.

  3. Ryan Mount says:

    The French Revolution with therapy…


    If there are no laws, we can’t break them.

    Brilliant. Nice job lampooning the two major parties as well.

  4. petek says:

    Just as I suspected. They are all corrupt.

  5. Ben Emery says:

    Missed something with the Greens, the vw bus would leave a trial of hemp oil.

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