Taxing Taxes

Do you know any Democrats who think taxes are too high? Me neither.

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Taxing us on our taxes has got to be somehow illegal. It’s certainly illogical and immoral, from the perspective of your average taxpayer. And considering that CA pays almost double that of the next nearest state in federal taxes yet ranks 47th in money back, it’s a huge problem. If you look at a map of those states which pay the least yet receive the most from the feds, it’s almost exactly a map of the red states. So, basically, we’ve got the poorest and most welfare-dependent states dictating that we give more of our income to the very rich at the top. (I’m talking to you, Mitch McConnell, who’s Kentucky is #1 in federal funds received. The rest of Dixie falls close behind.)
    From every angle; this country is FUBAR.

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