The Stepford Network

A while back, I started to put together a list like this, but it was too time consuming. Thankfully there are others who took the time to point this out…

Foxes News

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14 Responses to The Stepford Network

  1. Brad C. says:

    The Blonde News Channel?

  2. Michael R. Kesti says:

    To my knowledge the SPD store currently employs only Caucasians. Almost all of the Asian Garden restaurant’s wait and kitchen staff are Asians. The overwhelming majority of the people who have ever been employed by the County of Nevada and the cities of Nevada City and Grass Valley have been Caucasian. By the logic of this article the owners of the SPD store and Asian Garden restaurant, and the people of Nevada County must be racist, too.

    • rlcrabb says:

      I think a national television network might have a few more applicants to choose from than lilywhite Nevada County. I didn’t put this montage together. If it had been up to me I would have used the word “diversity” rather than racism.

      • Michael R. Kesti says:

        It is likely that there is far more diversity among Fox News employees other than their on-air talent, of which there are dozens or more for each of the former but that wasn’t considered either.

        It’s always easy it is to make accusations that seem reasonable and are anything but.

        • Chris Peterson says:

          I’m sure that there is a smattering of diversity in the off-stage personnel, but when it comes to the on-air image that Fox deliberately chooses to present, there’s no escaping the fact that it is what it is.

          I find no logic in your assertion that it simply just happened that way, and the illustration of the on-air personalities shown above is not an accusation, it’s a fact. Take away the comments above and below the montage, and it makes exactly the same statement. Not to mention that the combined salary of all the on-air, blonde, white women shown is probably half of what O’Reilly, Hannity, Smith, or Cavuto each pull down.

          It really is what it appears to be, and they take great pride in that. As a fan, and obviously their target audience, why don’t you?

          • Michael R. Kesti says:

            I made no “…assertion that it simply just happened that way…” and I doubt your statement concerning Fox News’ on-air talents’ salaries.

            I do not dispute that Fox News caters to a Caucasian audience. This makes them no more racist than does the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the United Negro College Fund catering to Negros. And if Fox News should be more diverse then why should the NAACP and UNCF not also be more diverse?

          • Douglas Keachie says:

            So then it would be much more accurate to call it “Fox RightWing Caucasian News” than their current, “fair and balanced,” BS?

            In which case it is not a news channel, but rather a propaganda channel?

            Perhaps they should all be more accurately branded? I watch and read far more internet news these days than either the national broadcasters or the local “you can’t reference us on Nevada County Peeps” paper. Nevada County Peeps is up at 11,000 plus and Nevada County Vents is approaching 3,000.

          • Chris Peterson says:

            That’s a really interesting argument, Michael; comparing the diversity of the NAACP to Fox News.
            You’ve got me wondering why there aren’t more gentiles in Synagogues, or more plumbers in the electricians union, or even more Skittles in my M&M’s.

            Maybe they should consider calling Fox the National Association for the Advancement of White, Blonde Women? Then, folks like me would stop being so confused about their agenda.

  3. I was channel surfing a couple of years ago when I came across Megyn Kelly and a couple of other Fox babes discussing the importance of hair spray. Kelly had a can sitting next to her that must have been two feet tall.

    That confirmed my suspicion they were inhaling something.

  4. Jack Cominsky says:

    No doubt about it, FNC employs a lot of attractive women as on-air personalities. A large proportion of them are white women with blond hair. But don’t make the mistake of believing that they are empty-headed bimbos. Many of them have advanced degrees – including law degrees.

    If you would spend more time watching FNC than mocking it, you might notice that that they have an impressive array of non-white anchors, correspondents, and contributors. Here is a partial list:

    Women: Harris Faulkner, Daneen Borelli, Arthel Neville, Lauren Green, Stacey Dash, Jehmu Greene, Santita Jackson, Angela McGlowan.

    Men: David Webb, John Riley, Charles Payne, Juan Williams, Allen West, Deroy Murdock, Kelly Wright.

    Those of you who lean left might not like what you hear – and THINK you see – on FNC, but please don’t accuse them of “racism” or a lack “diversity” in the hiring of their on-air talent.

    • rlcrabb says:

      I’m well aware of the other anchors and correspondents on Fox and their qualifications. No other network is so dominated by one hair color. I just find it strange that there are so many blondes. Does Roger Ailes have some sort of fetish?

  5. Michael R. Kesti says:

    With few exceptions people prefer to view attractive people and blond hair is considered attractive by many people. I cannot say whether Ailes has a fetish but I am certain that he understands that employing attractive on-air talent improves his market share.

    Sorry about the partial post.

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