Too Soon?

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    Bob, it might be too soon for California Republicans who same to be holding their own in many of the newly drawn congressional districts, our 3rd included, but the Trump mastodon sure has a lot of native spears hanging off his rotund behind. From Bret Stephen’s column today:
    “Trump is finally being abandoned by many of his usually unflagging apologists and enablers in right-wing media, whose influence will be felt downstream.
    That includes Fox News’s Laura Ingraham: ‘If the voters conclude that you’re putting your own ego or your own grudges ahead of what’s good for the country, they’re going to look elsewhere.’ It includes Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter: ‘Trump presents problems and we need to face them,’ he admitted. ‘We owe Trump nothing. He’s a politician.’ It includes Victor Davis Hanson: ‘Will an unapologetic Trump instead now escalate his slurs, bray at the moon, play out his current angry Ajax role to the bitter end, and thus himself end up a tragic hero — appreciated for past service but deemed too toxic for present company?’

    Ajax indeed. Et tu, Brutus?

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