You Always Hurt The One You Love

The silence is deafening from my friends on the left side of the fence. I know they think they’ve done a good thing, but it has backfired bigly. The “Freelancers Against AB5” Facebook page has topped 7000 and growing daily. The stories of people who have suddenly lost their ability to work is heartbreaking.

Shame on the Democrats for causing this unnecessary carnage.

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6 Responses to You Always Hurt The One You Love

  1. rl crabb says:

    I talked with Assemblyman Kiley, mentioning that I drew him and Brian Dahle as a two-headed elephant. (They were competing for the same office, thanks to the top two primary.) He said, gee I’ve never been in a cartoon before.
    I replied, get used to it.

  2. RL CRABB says:

    Our Lady of Benevolent Tyranny may grace us peons with an exemption from the clenched fist of government over regulation. I wonder if there will be a stipend for the lost income endured by the thousands of freelancers while Her Highness was sorting out their livelihoods?…

  3. rl crabb says:

    “While the decision to scale back AB5 is no doubt heartening to freelance photographers, musicians, and journalists trying to make a living, one wonders why they had to seek permission from Assemblywoman Gonzalez and the legislature to work as they please.” EXACTLY!…

    • Chris Peterson says:

      How fitting that they start with a photo of the governor who, no doubt, is pissed that this is upsetting his plans for the White House, in 4 or 8 years. I seriously doubt if Gonzalez gives a hoot what the masses say.

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