You Have To Draw The Line Somewhere

For George, Todd & Greg.

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3 Responses to You Have To Draw The Line Somewhere

  1. George Rebane says:

    … and now the award for Reliable Revelations – the envelope please.

  2. Steve Frisch says:

    Reliable Revelations….Rebane’s Ruminations… has a ring to it.

    Any rationale, any hole one can bury ones head in, any ally who is the enemy of my enemy…any thrice married serial philandering dump his wife in the hospital bed with cancer and f*ck his aide politician that can be allied with, any reason to doubt someone once 14 and mauled by a 34 year old, any called out of triginometry class for a quickie schoolgirl that we can dicredit……when do the people who moralize and claim to own values in American society pay a price for their deal with the devil?

    I have said it before on other venues, but this clique would sell their grandmother or betray their country, deny any onvious truth or twist any science just for a little more time for the parasites who control their minds to have a little more power, money, or influence….just for a little longer to extract the last blood from the corpse of a civil decent society.

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