Chupacabra Attacks!!!

There was grim news from Mexico this morning. Thirty-five sheep were slaughtered by what the one eyewitness described as a Chupacabra, a legendary creature that has struck fear into the heart of Latin America for generations. Although he admits that he only caught a fleeting glimpse of the monster, the sheeps’ owner swears that he saw “fangs, claws and wings” before it swooped into the night.

Not everyone was convinced. Sharon Hill of Skeptics. com noted that people often exaggerate or misperceive what they see. She was also skeptical of the witness’s addition of wings, which have never been attributed to Chupacabras until now. 

I have my own theories. The creature in question was obviously a Right-wing Dingbat, and probably the one we know in the States as Boss Limbaugh. Everything fits; the claws, the fangs and certainly the wings. It’s been a lousy week for The Big Bat, as advertisers flee from his remarks concerning student/activist Sandra Fluke. To Limbaugh, they are only sheep frightened by noisy liberals and unworthy of his talents. His supporters have tried to convince the public that the story is exaggerated and misperceived, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Every day, more sheep head off to greener pastures.

And speaking of greener pastures, it has also been reported that the wandering wolf known as 0R7 has abruptly ended its expedition into the Golden State and headed back north into Oregon. When asked why he decided to leave, his answer was “too much competition….These sheep have already been fleeced.”

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  1. Todd juvinall says:

    The wolf couldn’t pay the entry fee.

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