Deck The Halls

With apologies to Charles Addams…

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  1. George Rebane says:

    Bob, perhaps your apologies should seek a wider audience.

  2. George Rebane says:

    Don’t know who the “you” is who was dishing it out, most certainly it was not moi. I don’t recall anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton then characterizing the entire Obama family, daughters included, as some sort of sub-human ghouls (image the steroidal outrage and accusations of racism had any criticism of Obama gone beyond intellect and ideology). But then again, I don’t know what is ‘fair and balanced’, and live in a sea of my betters who do know exactly how others think and where to place the fulcrum; and most certainly I have no idea of where you sit on that perch.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Wow, talk about a frickin’ snowflake. You seriously don’t get the Addams Family connection? Is an old TV sitcom too heavy for ya’, or is it that you, alone among the millions poking fun at Melania’s Transylvania-inspired decorations, just don’t appreciate humor anymore. (If so, you’ve picked the wrong Presidency to get serious about. This family’s a gas.) Every President is characterized in uncomplimentary ways; it’s always been that way, and will be until the day after Trump moves our embassy to Jerusalem. And don’t let the fact that his family is IN his administration get in the way of your feigned outrage.
      My own response was, where is Bannon as Uncle Fester?

  3. rl crabb says:

    Maybe you didn’t get the connection to Chas. Addams creepy creations. It’s a parody, George. And please spare me your lame comparisons with the Clinton and Obama families. The internet is full of right wing slurs on the former first occupants of 1600. You yourself are never above denigrating the intelligence of those on the other side of the fence. I believe the latest instance was your referral to anyone left or center as “idiots.”
    Donald Trump blazed this trail all by himself. Up until 2016, there was at least a semblance of civility towards one’s opponents. The Donald threw all that through the plate glass window with his slurs against his own rivals and then, anyone who dared to contradict him. Now he even denies his famous “grab ’em by the pussy” remarks.
    So you hypocrites can stew in your juices as much as you like. I’ll go on portraying these sorry excuses for public servants (on both sides) as the twisted creatures they have become.

  4. George Rebane says:

    Parody away Bob, but realize that such parodies are strictly one way – an example from the internet “full of right wing slurs on the former first occupants of 1600” would be instructive to inform your readers how you compare things. And yes indeed, as mentioned in my 316pm, ideology and intellect are the attributes of political speakers (of both sides) that I take great relish in highlighting and criticizing. The choice usually boils down to identifying intellect or evil intent as the motive for adopting/supporting disastrous public policies. Whenever possible, in that choice I like to give people the benefit of doubt.

    But to put a ribbon around this, I would be the last to encourage you to stop “portraying these sorry excuses for public servants” in your own inimitable way, and I hope that you give me leave to skewer your portrayals in the same way that I welcome yours through mine. And I do leave you with an overarching conservetarian confession – we hold collectivism in any and all of its forms to be a social disease that is infectious, virulent, and in its progress always fatal to the society that embraces it.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      “ideology and intellect are the attributes of political speakers (of both sides) that I take great relish in highlighting and criticizing.”
      Sounds good, until one realizes that your ideology is supporting an oligarchy of which you are no part of in any shape or form, and your idea of intellect dismisses science in preference to fairies, gods, and ancient manuscripts.

      Even your steadfast opposition to collectivism is fraught with inconsistencies, such as your reliance on our military, fire and police, infrastructure, and a host of other commons that, unless done collectively, could not be done at all. Your kind does nothing but tear at the fabric of our society leaving nothing but an asinine vision of rugged individualism for its replacement and allowing the wealthy the political void needed to pick our pockets clean.

      We are a union. Always have been, always will be. If you don’t understand that most basic concept then, though you may be a citizen of our country, you are most certainly far from being a patriot.

    • rl crabb says:

      Fair enough. I shudder to think what your dog eat dog America will look like, but I doubt that it will ever come to pass. Your allies in Congress may have passed this new tax “reform” but next year is when the rubber meets the road. That’s when they’ll begin to dismantle the safety net that so many have come to rely on. It’s either that or the budget will explode.
      I agree that government has become too large and cumbersome, and that it exists to grow itself, but attempting to undo the last half century in twelve months may be biting off way more than your dogs can chew.
      We’ve already concluded that the pseudo libertarian paradise you envision has never existed in the real world, and I doubt it will in ours unless the red states secede. (Or the blue states secede.)
      In conclusion, I think I’ve been too soft on you boys. I’ll try to remedy that in the coming year.

    • Steve Frisch says:

      I seem to remember people on your blog disseminating pictures of the Obama’s as monkeys George, and laughng about it, and many of your commenters making the rediculous case that that was not racist…

      And I do leave you with an overarching observation – mischaracterizing any point of view that does not fit your conservatarian world view is a anti-civil behavior that will eventually infect its own host, sapping its moral authority to speak on any issue, fatal to the ideaology that internalizes the virus.
      You Sir, have Trump px.

      • Steve Frisch says:

        That was directed at George’s position…not Bob’s.

      • fish says:

        I seem to remember people on your blog disseminating pictures of the Obama’s as monkeys George, and laughng about it, and many of your commenters making the rediculous case that that was not racist…

        Nobody is paying attention to “racism” charges anymore Steve….you guys wore it out!

        It’s why the proglodyte horde switched to “privilege”.

  5. Walt B says:

    Mr. R.. You just happen to mention the” dog eat dog” world.
    If you haven’t watched ” Atlas Shrugged”,(and part two) I suggest you do.
    It gives a great interpretation of the “anti” dog eat dog world you envision.
    I will take the Conservative version of capitalism over progressive capitalism any day. We saw how that worked for the last eight years.

    As for the parody’s of “O”, you say went on,, forget the grief one rodeo clown got for just wearing an Obama mask in some nowhereville? National humiliation and an arm twisted apology.
    (on national news live.)

    • RL CRABB says:

      Like most of your buddies, you want to live in some myopic “my way or the highway” world. You’re going to undo everything and reshape the world in Ayn Rand’s image. Well, maybe in Alabama, but California? Better contact your realtor, Walt.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Funny thing about those who adore the fantasy of Atlas Shrugged; they forget that the story is premised on the presence of innovative geniuses who shun society. Whereas, the Reardons of today are money-grubbing conservatives who value profits and power far above any sense of social morality.
      And who is John Galt? Today, he’s the owner of Facebook, or Google, or Amazon, or even Elon Musk, and he couldn’t care less about your conservative politics; he’s too busy making money hand-over-fist by benefiting society as a whole, nationally and globally. (Now THAT’S progressive capitalism.) They are actually the antithesis of Ayn Rand’s fantasy world.
      By the way, Walt, read the book; the movie misses so much and is made for the intellectually lazy.

  6. rl crabb says:

    Will the conservative agenda be photon torpedoed by “Star Trek” values? Forget the one world government, now we’re looking at the Federation of Planets. You’re going to need a bigger wall…

  7. Walt B says:

    I have read the book.
    We tried the Proggy idea in real life. You got Trump for your efforts.

    Don’t worry RL,, Brown and the LIBS are climbing the 13 steps of the gallows as we speak.(a little slower than we like,,)
    Taxing the shit out of everything is always a good move.
    Now the elimination of the gas engine in the state? Miss that news so far? Yup, there is a bright move. Just who is going to pay for that???
    Peeved about the state tax not being a FED deductible? But Lefties LOVE taxes. Fork it over.

    • rl crabb says:

      You fellows always assume that I’m rooting for the Democrats. Am I more liberal than you? Yeah, but I don’t vote for the one-party state and would be happy to see a REAL third party that works with everyone to build a world we can all live with. Right wingers are just as into shoving an agenda down our throats as any Democrat. At some point, people are going to get fed up with your bullshit as well.

    • Ken Jones says:

      Wally it is amusing that you decided to leave the comfort the of the Circle Jerk at ruminations with Rusty, Billy, Donnie, Toddy, Guppy, Scotty, Gregory and of course Georgie. As much as you believe that Trump is the savior and panacea for America’s ills, you are sadly mistaken and misinformed Wally. Trump is the result of apathy and incompetence from the DNC and voters. Those LIBS you decry didn’t promote Hillary but knew she was the better of two horrible choices. Those at ruminations love to whine about roads and infrastructure but when a tax is levied to pay for infrastructure the dBs of the whine increases to a fervor pitch. Typical, predictable and pathetic.

  8. rl crabb says:

    “We hold collectivism in any and all its forms to be a social disease that is infectious, virulent, and in its progress always fatal to the society that embraces it.”
    So when that’s where your negotiations begin, what’s the point of negotiating at all?

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