Globalization 101

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  1. Ryan Mount says:

    Coming to a theater near you! Not really…

    Globalization benefits the USA only if it can maintain is global hegemony. That was the Neo-Liberal plan started back in the 1980s with the election of Reagan, and was put into full gear with Clinton and subsequent Presidents.

    We either need to invade (or intimidate) more countries, or get used to that giant job sucking sound Perot warned us about several times back in 1992.

  2. Judith Lowry says:

    “Unsated America”?

  3. Let’s give China a 2 mile wide strip on the Mexican border going from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean. In exchange for total debt forgiveness, silly!

    • Ryan Mount says:

      Ha! An enterprise zone for China…in another country (Mexico). A very American idea. Pretty funny until I wonder if some dumbass (said like “Red” from that 70s show) politician has actually considered it.

    • Greg Goodknight says:

      You can’t give away what you don’t own, and Keachie probably does not realize the Federal Government doesn’t own all that much of a 2 mile wide by 2000 mile long strip along the Mexican border. It’s owned by individuals with a right to keep what they own.

      If the Chinese want US land for their dollars, they are free to come here and exchange their dollars for land, and they get to choose. Keach, why not try to sell them your place?

      • I guess Greg has never heard of “eminent domain” and “in the interests of national security.”

        Of course all this would really do is change the ethnicity of our illegals.

        • Greg Goodknight says:

          I guess keachie never figured out that with eminent domain, the owner of the property still must be paid.

          Don’t expect China to loan the Feds cash to buy the property they don’t want to satisfy dollar denomenated debt.

          Keach, like most of your ‘creative’ solutions, that one was half baked and without merit.

      • Michael Anderson says:

        Perhaps we should just cut to the chase and give the Chinese a Chapter 7 notification.

        • Wealthy Chinese seek special visas to relocate to Bay Area

          By John Boudreau

          Posted: 04/05/2012 03:01:47 PM PDT
          Updated: 04/05/2012 09:30:16 PM PDT

          Even as China emerges as a super power, many of those who have benefited most from the country’s economic rise are heading for the exits. And many are relocating to the Bay Area, whose large Asian population, good schools and comfortable lifestyle are powerful draws for Chinese multimillionaires concerned about the future of their homeland and seeking the own American dream.

          “The rich people are trying to get green cards,” said Ta-lin Hsu, founder and chairman of Palo Alto-based venture capital firm H&Q Asia Pacific, who spends a lot of time in Asia. He is frequently asked by business associates about how to immigrate to the United States.

          “The main reason is, they still worry about the future stability of China,” Hsu said. “The U.S. is a democracy, there is freedom and it’s a safer place.”

          The exit door for many of these wealthy Chinese is opened by the fast-track visas America offers for well-heeled immigrants. Known as the EB-5, the visa requires applicants to invest $500,000 in projects in economically struggling regions or $1 million in a commercial venture in other locations. The investments must create or preserve 10 jobs for two years. If successful, the applicants and their families — spouses and children younger than 21 — are awarded permanent residency.

          The foreign money is a welcome source of funding for many projects. Oakland city officials, for example, have eyed the program to help pay for a project that includes
          hotels, a convention center, shops and new facilities for the Raiders and Warriors and possibly a new A’s ballpark.

        • Ryan Mount says:


          Maybe they’d finally value their yuan correctly. Of course that would mean paying more that crappy Sunbeam toaster at Walmart.

  4. rlcrabb says:

    What idiots would want Southern Arizona? Too many problems to deal with. Maybe they’d go for Guam, Saipan and two or three Hawaiian Islands. Not the good ones, mind you. Or maybe the new one that’s expected to pop out of the ocean a few millennia from now. A culture that’s already thousands of years old can afford to wait.

    • TD Pittsford says:

      It came to mind that the godsforsaken deserts of the U.S. were good enough to sentence a great many native Americans to inhabit.

  5. A great many Amerindian groups were native to the Southwestern deserts:

  6. Hard to find an error in Bob’s cartoon.

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