I was busy whipping out next week’s cartoon when I heard the doorbell. “Damn,” I thought to myself, “It’s either the Jehovah’s Witnesses or some politician begging for votes, I’ll wager.”

I answered the door, but there was no one there, at least at my eye level. Then I heard gurgling and looked down, where a duck dressed as a postal worker balefully stared up at me. But instead of quacking “Aflac!” and trying to sell me insurance, he handed me the postcard you see at the right.

Typical Sparky. Always one-uping me on promotional stunts to attract patrons of the arts to his latest gallery spectacular. The last show I did had a soup kitchen theme, and we lured potential buyers with ladles of gazpacho laced with LSD. It’s always more enticing when the art dances across the frames and talks to you.

At any rate, I’m sure that Mr. Sparky’s latest offering will be a feast for the eyes, if not the stomach. It may be possible that you haven’t heard about his show, since we ate the duck that delivered his invitation. We artists have to take what we can get. To make up for my gluttony, I am relaying the information here…

SPARKYVILLE – New works by David Parker. May 22 – June 17 at the Center for the Arts, Grass Valley. Artist reception on Wednesday, May 30, from 6 to 8pm. Bring your own fork. 3D glasses optional.

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