Nevada City Has Gas

Gaslight speed776

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6 Responses to Nevada City Has Gas

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    I can’t imagine that anything could be harder to draw than a black hole in space.

  2. george rebane says:

    Given all the problems Nevada City has, why does city government focus on telling merchants how to light their facilities to promote merchandizing and safety? Were they always such busy bodies and control freaks?

  3. Douglas Keachie says:

    I am at a complete loss to understand the NC Council’s stand on this.

  4. Michael Anderson says:

    And then Earth shook with an unprecedented fierceness…Keachie and Rebane were on the same page.
    As a result, the tide tables reversed and our humble planet’s polarity toggled like a man tapping loose the ash on his anxious cigarette. North, south, east, or west? No one will know for sure, ever again. HT, Doug & George.

  5. Terry says:

    Could the reason the city is so dead set on keeping the current illumination (no pun intended…maybe) is that there is such a preponderance of natural gas (the OTHER kind) reserves in city hall?

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