Paper Currency

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    We gotcha’ covered, here in Oregon; the sustainable forests are in great supply, (at least with the singular-specie, replanted clear cut stands). Our problem is Sen. Wyden, who is known as a very bipartisan legislator, but who is constantly “compromising” on bills by selling out our old-growth stands. Just such a battle is now taking place, where it is proposed that we relinquish control over tens of thousands of old growth forest for the good of the industry, and supposedly “our” economy.
    Truth is; old growth is where the big money is, not in the pulp farms from past harvestings. My opinion, which ties into an earlier post of yours’, is that the lumber industry should be increasing it’s harvest in the Tahoe forest, where trees are dying at an alarming rate, rather than fighting over access to an ecosystem that has been preserved for generations.
    Two things the industry is very disingenuous about are:
    1- that they show pictures of pristine, balanced ecosystems in their TV ads which tout their supposed care for the forests, when in reality, if you’ve been to one of their past clear cut sites, their single-specie stick factories resemble nothing of the sort, and
    2- once they obtain leases of public land, they add it to their inventory of “private property” logging to make it appear as if they have cut very little lumber on property the public owns.
    So, use the dying timber of the Tahoe forest while it’s still a viable commodity, before it all rots or burns down, and leave Oregon’s pockets of protected old growth forest alone. (You hear me, Wyden?)

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