Another Opportunity Up in Smoke

According to comments on Facebook, the proposed pot grower sitcom, Grass Valley, will not be called Grass Valley and will not be set in Nevada County, to the relief of some and the dismay of others. We have tuned in, turned on and dropped out.

Mister Wilson

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10 Responses to Another Opportunity Up in Smoke

  1. george rebane says:

    Excellent memory, thanks Bob. (I was a pipe smoker for twenty years – no hookah – and still miss the dear little bowl with my specially prepared bourbon moistened tobacco. Oh well.)

  2. I guess Mr. Bubba’s scoop wasn’t a scoop after all.

    Of course, he hasn’t worked in journalism since The Union let him go. Heck, he’s bragging now about how fast he distributed a press release to the waiting masses.

    I never thought I’d see that day. I left the PR biz too soon.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Right now, he’s calling folks asking, “Did you ever consider calling it Grass Valley, and did you ever consider filming in Nev. Co.?” so that he can lay claim to some semblance of truth.
      He should preface all of his reports with, “Rumor has it…”

  3. rlcrabb says:

    For those of you who can’t access Nevada County Peeps on Facebook, a fellow named Matt Herman, who claims to be the person behind the Grass Valley sitcom, says, “It’s not going to be called Grass Valley and it won’t take place in Nevada County or Mendo or Humbolt or any of those places.”

  4. Mr. Bubba says he ignored the Amgen embargo because the world couldn’t wait any longer for such important news. There must be an award for such courage.

    On a more positive note, he includes me with Crabman among the old timers. Does that mean I’m not a flatlander anymore?

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Sorry, George; Herb Caen said a flatlander is someone who moves there 5 minutes after you did. You should remind Mr. Pee, even though he claims they were roommates/buddies/to be mention with the same reverence.

  5. Larry Polk says:

    If it appeared on Facebook, of course it’s the absolute truth!

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