Animal Farm: The Musical

Political animals068Are Americans fed up with the BS from the usual suspects? In Kansas, an independent is giving an incumbent Republican Senator a real run for his money. Neo-libertarian/Republican Rand Paul is making inroads with minority and younger voters. In California, the Republican brand is in danger of becoming the third party behind Democrats and independents. The far left is threatening to challenge the Clinton juggernaut in 2016.

Whichever party wins the midterm madness will be on the hotseat to perform. Given that neither will be able to override or give in to the other, forward movement seems unlikely. Considering the price of a ticket to this gig, the public deserves to see a ballet, not a slam-dance.

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  1. Larry Polk says:

    Hey, Bob, was that a “scape-goat” in the last panel? Just wondering

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