Coming Soon To A Gallery Near You

Askew Showcard116If the world hasn’t gone completely bonkers by then…

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  1. Be there, or be square.

    I just put it on my calendar.

  2. george rebane says:

    Since I’m a certified Crabb collector, I’ll have to be there to get my certifiably signed copies.

  3. Kevin Collins says:

    Have you considered displaying your Carrie Nation ‘Bear’ flag at the exhibition, Bob?

  4. Chris Peterson says:

    At my wife’s company picnic yesterday, surrounded by bike nuts, I was wearing an RLCrabb original “The faster you go, the smoother it gets” T-shirt. One guy commented, “That guy is legend! He lives alone in a small cabin way out on the Yuba River, where he does his work.”
    As I walked away laughing, I heard my wife explain to him that we have been friends for 50 years and still converse regularly, to which he said, “Well, then he knows what I’m talking about.”
    Seems that you’ve built up quite the mystique, my friend, even here in Oregon, where mystery is very uncommon. (You think maybe someday your place will be like the Lola Montez house was when we were growing up?)

    • rlcrabb says:

      Small cabin way out in the woods? He must be thinking of the Toonabomber. I live in Metropolitan Grass Valley. I’ve heard better tales, like the one where I was mauled by a grizzly in Alaska, saving myself at the last moment by thrusting my trusty .357 Magnum into the mouth of the beast and blowing a hole in its head. I liked that one.

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