Mary Grace

Mary Grace118It’s been a stressful week in the old neighborhood, with the brutal assault of Mary Grace Tassone and the search for her attacker. Thankfully, the manhunt ended when the alleged assailant was apprehended Thursday afternoon a few blocks away in Mary Grace’s stolen car.

The Tassone family is well known to those of us who were fortunate enough to grow up in this town in the last half century. It was not uncommon to see Mary Grace making the rounds at the hospital or visiting the sick and infirm in their homes. That included our own, when Mary Ann’s mother, one of the elders of St. Patrick’s, became housebound and lived with us in her declining years. Now it is Mary Grace who needs the healing hand of the community. We all pray for her recovery.

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  1. Kevin Collins says:

    Good news on Mary Grace over at YubaNet ‘happening now’, posted at 12:04pm.
    Prayers work!

  2. Nina Snegg says:

    Beautifully done. Thank you for always being so relevant with your words and drawings.
    Your messages help us all.
    Congrats on the show. I look forward to seeing it.
    It reminds me that I have never picked up my tshirt.
    do you still have it?

  3. Mary S. Tassone says:

    Hi Bob,
    Thank you for this, John and I were just commenting. He saw it in the paper and his sister Cathy posted the whole thing, with your comments and this link on FaceBook. My name was Jones in high school and i am married to John Jr.

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