Escape To Sierra County

Yesterday (9/26) we took a little drive up to Downieville to pick up the fruits of my labors. I’ve been doing artwork for Yuba Expeditions and their parent, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship for almost a quarter century. (They started off as The Coyote Adventure Company.)

This year they used my “Our Yuba River” design on a beach towel, and it looks great. Unfortunately, they don’t do mail orders, but you can find them in their bike shop in Downtown Downieville. It’s behind the main drag in a basement behind the pizza place.You can also reach them at 530 283 2426.

They have tons of my art on T-shirts, tank tops, stickers, socks, and even chapstick!

Here’s the crotchedy old artist, happy to be outside of his cold dark studio for one afternoon at least.

The towels on display.

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Love that little town; always have. And I pick up a few of your shirts at the bike shop every time I go there, which is pretty often, since the company my wife works for, Chris King Cycle, helps sponsor their biking events. I’ve flipped many a pancake, serving breakfast at the CK booth.

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