But Is It Organic?

Nevada County has promised to crack down on illegal roadside entrepreneurs. They seem to pop up from out of nowhere…


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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    It makes perfect sense to me that knowledge is the enemy of religion.

    An apple a day, keeps the dogma away.

  2. Now I get it. I wasn’t sure what you were driving at when I saw the ‘toon in The Union this morning, but I did get the Lucifarms/free apples joke.

  3. Terry says:

    “As my grandpa used to say: ‘Ain’t nuthin’ in this world that’s free, not no way, not no how.” He was right and that, I think was the gist of Crabbman’s message. Now if someone would pass this wisdom on to the Democrats, we just might see a bit more accountability and far less B.S. which, by the way also has it’s price. Good job Crabby.

    • Chris Peterson says:


      Glad to see that you’ve risen high enough to be able to point your finger scornfully at those below. It’s as though your years of being a poor, white, resident of Gold Country has led you to a deep and profound understanding of the dynamics of those recently plunged into poverty, joining the ranks of those already there, (46 million by 2010, making us the highest percentage in poverty of all industrialized nations).
      It is interesting to note that, in every other economic recovery in our history,(and there have been many), more than 80% of all new revenue generated had gone to the lower 90%, (the labor), but in this latest “recovery”, almost 100% has gone to the upper 1%. I guess the Democrats just don’t understand how well that’s working out for the rest of us.

      Blessed be the “job-makers”, for they shall inherit…well…everything.

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