Free The Hands!

Gloves594Bartenders all over the state of California are clapping today, and it is the crisp clap of bare hands rather than the muffled slapping sound of rubber on rubber. That’s right, the omnipotent legislature has repealed the law they hastily passed last year requiring all food and drink handlers to wear gloves.

One might see the wisdom of requiring fast food handlers to cover their filthy teenage paws, but it was going to be a disaster for the bar industry. When was the last time you heard of someone getting sick from the celery stalk in a Bloody Mary, or the lime in the coconut? Having to change gloves every five minutes would seriously impede the public’s right to be served in a timely fashion, and would no doubt lead to fewer tips from anxious alcoholics.

But even a body as clueless as the solons in Sacramento must eventually see the error of their ways, especially when their campaign contributions from the powerful food and alcohol interests are in play.

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5 Responses to Free The Hands!

  1. Ben Emery says:

    I never heard of the latex glove for bartenders thing, I guess I need to get out more often. How absurd is that?

    Damn plastic bag nazi’s telling us we cannot plug up the city drains, fill the county landfills, send thousands of “recycled” plastic bags down the Sacramento River to the Bay, and pretty much pollute the whole place. How dare they want to clean up our waterways and protect the health of our communities. I should have the right to pollute our shared resources and if they don’t like they can clean it up.

    We are doing just that, cleaning up the problem at the source instead of ineffective half measures that keeps single use plastic bags in circulation as the bought off state legislature is proposing. The time for pussy footing around is over.

    Truckee and Nevada City have done it now we are waiting for Grass Valley, tick tock the self determination clock is ticking towards the deadline. How often do local ordinances override state? Nevada City was the 111th city and county to do so in California. Kudos to the Nevada City City Council for voting unanimously in favor of the ordinance.

  2. Brad Croul says:

    It’s so simple; launder your money!

  3. Chris Peterson says:

    It does seem odd that your doctor puts on gloves for a proctology probe, but there’s no concern about something you’re gonna’ put to your lips.

    Ah well.

    • Larry Polk says:

      When you pour 80 proof liquor in a glass the germs on your hands don’t have a prayer! Drinking a glass of water is more hazardous… especially from an NID ditch.

      Seriously though (maybe) I spent a great deal of time with my hands in hot water washing beer mugs and other types of glasses, always followed by that blue stuff in the final rinse. Truth be known, the bar towels had more germs than anything else with the possible exception of that REALLY nasty bar mop. Additionally, some of the customers at Duffy’s were dirtier than the men’s room…well, ALMOST. (We will not even discuss the old women’s bathroom that JM simply boarded over during a remodle.

  4. Chris Peterson says:

    Just being my usual facetious self, Larry. If germs bothered me, I’d fold up this little farm and get a sterile condo in the city.
    And as Jim found out; there’s gold in them there outhouses. Literally. But between Dom and Dick; nothing in that place stood a fighting chance. Again, literally.
    Germs be damned, I liked the place then much better than when Cirino brought in Uma Thurman. If it wasn’t for his wife’s cooking, it would have been a bust. It’s a shame the place was sitting idle last time I was through. You folks should get a group together and give it a go.

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