SCABLANDS – sample

The following is a sample from my just-released graphic autobiography, Scablands, which is available in print from (keyword: Scablands) Enjoy…Scab Story One596Scab Story Two597Scab Story Three598Scab Story Four599Scab Story Five600

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  1. Brad Croul says:

    Congratulations on getting your work published!
    Should make a great gift for all occasions!

  2. rlcrabb says:

    I’m doing a book release party at McGee’s in Nevada City on Sunday, July 27th. You can have your book signed and the author will make the money instead of Amazon. Details to follow next week.

    • steve cottrell says:


      I look forward to those details, ’cause even with postage from NC to Florida, it sounds better to me than you getting the small royalty Lulu provides. Besides, it will arrive here with your autograph –– and that’s not going to happen if I order online. Hope you sell a ton of books at McGee’s.

    • Ben Emery says:

      I will be there and the autograph is a must.

  3. Mr. Spielberg on line one…


  4. Ben Emery says:


    I love the duration of the urine streams, I have had a few road trips where the middle of no where bathroom breaks resulted in a small man made lakes. Mine was from drinking coffee and coke but usually my friends were drinking 12 packs of their favorite Coors, Colorado brand for piss water. It was always in the spirit of George Hayduke and his beer mileage gauge.

    “Hayduke, rejoicing, scarfing up more beer, concluding his Flagstaff six-pack, wheels down to the river on the narrow road at a safe and sane 70 per, bellowing some incoherent song into the face of the wind. He was indeed a menace to other drivers but justified himself in this way: If you don’t drink, don’t drive. If you drink, drive like hell. Why? Because freedom, not safety, is the highest good. Because the public roads should be wide open to all””children on tricycles, little old ladies in Eisenhower Plymouths, homicidal lesbians driving forty-ton Mack tractor-trailers. Let us have no favorites, no licenses, no goddamn rules of the road. Let every freeway be a free for all.”
    Monkey Wrench Gang
    Edward Abbey

  5. Denny Eichhorn says:

    It’s about time American graphic literature took a turn for the better!

  6. San French says:

    This is great Bob. I can feel the pride and excitement from way over here on Broad St.! I’m going to make a special effort to be at McGee’s to get my copy. Hope to see Mary Ann as well. You da man.

    PS~ Is that Duane?

  7. Robert love joy says:

    Have a couple of dear friends in eastern Washington State (the part that did not get burned up). Imagine the look on their faces when each receives their copy. I hope those old hippies enjoy their winter reading.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      I wrote my own review below his in the comment section and, wouldn’t you know, it says my comment is “awaiting moderation.”
      “Everything in moderation” is taking on a whole new meaning for me.

      • rlcrabb says:

        I just checked, and you have survived the gauntlet of moderation. Thanks for the kind words, Chris. I hope to keep telling stories as long as this body will allow.

  8. Ben Emery says:

    How can I get a copy? The same day of your book signing at the local watering hole my cousin Jud Emery (good man) funeral was taking place and I missed your gig.

    • rlcrabb says:

      There’s a link to in the first comment, Ben, or you can mail a check for $26.57 to me @ POBox 313, Nevada City 95959 for an autographed copy. By the way, congratulations on beating the cancer rap. I hope your good fortune will continue.

  9. Ben Emery says:

    Thanks Bob,
    I still need to keep the cancer from coming back but it has been a long few years dealing with my dad’s Parkinson’s and my cancer. I still have 3 months of chemo and one more surgery to get through before we are finished with treatments. Hopefully the near future are better days and I have another 30 years at least to help others and stir the political pot.

    I will be sending you a check to the PO Box with a note.


  10. Al says:


    (from your interview above), Take Magnesium Citrate, or better yet, Magnesium glycinate for improved peripheral circulation and capillary dilation along with cayenne and Vitamin D-3, and walk more.

  11. rlcrabb says:

    Tom Spurgeon reviews SCABLANDS for The Comics Reporter. Check it out…

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