Ark Wanted

Woke up to pounding rain about 4am. The garage is completely flooded, along with Mary Ann’s car. The truck is higher off the ground and I think it may be okay. There is floating garbage everywhere. I  am usually prepared for this kind of weather, but this one caught me off guard. Usually has to rain for a day or so before the water rises this high.

I’m really looking forward to an end to this miserable fucking year.

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Hang in there, Bob.

    I remember, after a long period w/o rain, I think it was in the late sixties, when we suddenly got a lot of rain, and the same thing happened. Flooding all over the state.
    We had a stream going through our laundry room and out the garage. We lived on Deer Creek, and it was the size of the Yuba, with whole trees washing downstream.

    Hope you guys pull through OK.

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