I’ve been doing recycle mixed loads for many years, always making sure that I don’t put any “garbage” in with the “good” stuff. When Wasted Management moved their operation to a new site where you deposit the recycle directly instead of putting it into a dumpster, I saw how much they appreciate my efforts.

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    For years, we’ve been meticulous about separating all of our plastics from the glass and cardboard and throwing them in the appropriate collection bins at what WAS a recycling station. (Same company here.) Now, all the bins have pictures and instructions to throw it all in the same bins!? And after seeing quite a few reports on south east Asian countries. showing villages swamped under the deluge of American “recyclables”, it obvious that I’ve been a fool for believing any of the BS in the first place.
    What began as a great idea has morphed into a corporation that controls our refuse from coast to coast and either dumps it in the ocean, or some poor village in Viet Nam, where the local politician took money for the dump. And truth be told, Americans, in general, just don’t give a f**k, as long as it all keeps disappearing.

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